How Is It Nearly Christmas!

Friday, 15 December 2017

It's been a little quiet on here huh, I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas already! I just felt like writing a little catch up post on here. I know everyone says it but for real where has this year gone. I really wanted to do some kind of Christmas post on here because I do love this time of year. Being a massive nerd about fairy lights, I love seeing lights on peoples houses. It just makes me so happy. Plus everyone (apart from the men in my family who are complete Scrooge's) seem to be a lot more cheery.

I've been so thankful to have a few days off in December as life seems to get so much more hectic. Work has been so stressful and I've been feeling pretty low. Also I've had the flu so I was stuck in bed for a few days. Does anyone else always get ill in the run up to Christmas? I guess it's the stress of it all. Christmas day this year is going to be a little strange as it will be just me, my mum, my sister, her girlfriend and my boyfriend. My family unfortunately can't all be together so we're going to have our Christmas day a few days later. So my plan for the 25th is drink a lot of prosecco, eat a lot of buffet food and play board games.

Hows your Christmas shopping going?? For the first time in my life I have actually finished and wrapping is underway. I've tried to get a little fancy, but I'm still shit at wrapping gifts. It's not one of my strongest skills. I found these adorable glittery parcel baubles from Wilkinson's and I just had to incorporate them on the presents. They look alright I think... I really struggle to come up with gift ideas so I just hope my family and friends like them.

But yeah just a short post today, I would love to get some festive baking done over the weekend and get prepared for my final week of work before Christmas. Hope you have an amazing Friday evening!