Weekend Away With The Girls

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

I'm a little bit of a dreamer, I always have these ideas I want to do but talk myself out of it. I am on a mission to go away on more little trips as I'm such a hermit and spend so much time at home. Last September I mentioned to my girl friends that I really wanted to do a weekend away, stay somewhere like a cabin and be a bit boujee by finding somewhere with a hot. They are like the in thing right now and Instagram just makes them look pretty. We don't all live around the same area and being adults and all we barely get time when the six of us can hang out. Its not like when we were back in school and could hang out most of the time. So we all decided that we'd free a weekend in our diaries and go somewhere for a little reunion. Towards the end of last year I was feeling extremely lonely and like I'd lost contact with everyone. So I really do value the time I get to spend with the people I care about. We of course always had so much to talk about and bought a large supply of Prosecco (or beer for Ania).

I Needed A Break

Friday, 1 February 2019

I haven't posted on here in eight months! I think that is one of the longest breaks I've had in years, well since I started writing more frequently on here. I'll be honest I didn't get along with 2018 and I don't think it particularly liked me either. I just seem to attract bad luck.  It was a somewhat quiet year for me, I didn't go on any holidays and I spent a lot of time daydreaming, not being productive and comparing myself to everyone else (continuous scrolling through Instagram). I didn't want to write on here and not really enjoy the posts I was doing. Plus I've lacked so much inspiration recently.

I think I'm learning that its important for me to take time out. I feel guilty when I'm sat doing nothing. Like yesterday for example it snowed quite a bit so my work was shut. I had to make sure I did some sort of work so I sat cuddled in a blanket doing part of an online course about excel; I was not loving life! Its got to the point where I can't sit still and just watch something without thinking I should be doing something out. But I'm telling you I want to make time to sit and do fuck all.

I also want to get the bug for exercise again. I have so built up frustration and anger that I need to release it somehow. Plus I'm so lazy and in the worst shape I think I've ever been in. God I love being someone who just gains weight like its nothing...

 Instagram is great for discovering places to visit and I found a picture of a witch themed shop in Burley, in the New Forest. In case you didn't know I love anything to do with witches. So back in October last year, my sister and I actually planned a day and we drove there and visited Burley. I'm desperate to go back and explore more. Who knew there were places where wild horses and cows could just wonder around on the side of the roads. It was honestly one of the most beautiful places I've been too, like a scene from a Bob Ross painting. I took time to do something I'd wanted to and got to just be outside and not worry about anything. Honestly to have a weekend where I felt no form of worry or anxiety meant the world!

It feels really good to be writing again and I'm hoping I feel inspired. This blog needs a major update so better start brainstorming. If you have got to the end of this post and actually read it then thank you. Its a miracle that someone out there would even contemplate reading the nonsense I come up with x