Venice 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

For years I've been jealous of reading about what felt like everyone in the world going on holiday except me. I've been to a few places but there are those places where you've dreamt of going to and I have a pretty long list. But one place in particular I've wanted to go for years is Venice in Italy, and well a couple of weeks ago that dream came true. It's taken me ages to edit the photos so apologies this is a little late.
The whole holiday itself was a bit of a dream as I went on holiday with my boyfriend Ben which also is something I thought I would never say. And Venice is an extremely romantic place so it was a rather lovely place to go to on our first holiday together. And plus I loved being able to spend a few days together just the two of us as work makes it tricky to see each other a lot of the time.