Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar- Lush

Thursday, 30 October 2014



I rarely go to Lush. I love it as a shop, but not having a bath at my uni house means that I never really think to go there. As it is Halloween coming up and all I just simply had to get something from their Halloween collection, would be rude not to right? I chose to get the Sparkly Pumpkin Bar as it was the piece that attracted to me the most. Its so beautiful, but be warned touch it only slightly you will get covered in glitter. The smell is also divine! I've obviously yet to try it out, don't think a bubble bar will be much good in a shower unfortunately. But I go back home as I start work placement soon so I can take that back as a treat for the 5 minutes I get to relax if that ever happens. Also do you like my bat jumper?? Wore it today on the eve of the spookiest day of the year :) So excited and I literally have no plans what so ever haha. Dressing up for uni tomorrow I have a costume but for my usual effort it's pretty poor, but I'm struggling with money this year so sad times. I think I'll make it work though. What are you guys dressing up as??

My Bed Jacket

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Another outfit post, check me out. We've experienced a couple of warmish days, definitely does not feel like Autumn. Plus it should not be warm for Halloween that's just plain wrong. See how I've got a pumpkin in one of the photos. I do warn you that I like Halloween aha. I found this kimono/jacket piece at Primark a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with it. I live in black and white clothes so it fits in perfectly. It's like the ultimate comfort piece, come on it does look like a dressing gown. I kept the rest of the outfit very simple. I don't think the top I'm wearing is the most flattering but I like it.
Was quite proud that I got up early and actually had time to post this :) I desperately need to get a tripod in my life, it would make things so much easier. I'm now so tired but I did go to the gym today so pretty happy with myself. However I probably ate too much for dinner woops. Currently catching up on the latest Hell in A Cell (wrestling) show, it's alright so far nothing special haha.

Check Out

Monday, 27 October 2014


Top- George at Asda
Skirt- H&M
Jacket- George at Asda

I can only apologise for not posting regularly for the past week. It's been a bit of a mad one. Now I'm working Saturday's as well as being in uni every week day, Sunday's are my only time to chill. I'm not going to lie yesterday consisted of me catching up on sleep and stressing about how much uni work I have to do. The clock went back an hour yesterday here in the UK so that meant everyone got an extra hour in bed. It's a win win situation for everyone. I need a miracle to even check off anything on my list of stuff I need to do.
I know these pictures aren't the best but I thought I'd post them anyway. This is the outfit I'm wearing to uni today. I really had the urge to wear a skirt today, random I know. And anything with a check print on and I'm sold.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm feeling so tired and just stressed out urgh.

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Halloween is approaching!! Get ready for my excitement levels to hit the roof :) This time of year is deadly for me in terms of money. I love buying decorations the tackier they are the better in my opinion. I've had to limit myself as my student loan is rapidly decreasing at a fast rate (clothes obsession and third year project being the main factors).  I gotta stop spending man!!
Halloween is going to be slightly strange and in a way a tiny bit sad for me this year. This will the first time ever where I am not home annoying the hell out of my parents skipping around the house. Part of the fun for me every year is to dress up in my own way and answer the door to trick or treaters. And of course going crazy with the decorations in my bedroom and what I like to call my window display. I reckon I'm up there with having the best decorations down my road just saying haha. This year as I have work the next day (not happy) I have to stay at uni.
I thought it'd be a fun post to share some photos of the decorations I've put up in my uni room and some purchases I've made. Of course I have to have some light up decorations and some chocolate in my room. I guess I like treats more than tricks aha. I've also now got some ideas for two potential Halloween costumes. Hoping I get the chance to do a post on them.

Gutted as I've left my Martha Stewart Halloween DVD at home so can't watch that this year. Bring on watching Nightmare Before Christmas, Monster House and of course my favourite film ever Hocus Pocus. Reckon I'm over 100 times watching it now. I am the fourth Sanderson sister.

How are you celebrating ?? If you have any posts on Halloween then please link them in comments you can imagine how much I've loved reading people's posts about it :)

Chill out before bed

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Now the weather's changing and Autumn is in full swing I've realised that I've got into a bit of a routine before I decide to call it a night. I seem to be so busy lately that making time to chill is essential otherwise I would literally be a broken woman haha.
Taking off my make up is the first thing I do. As much as I love make up there's no better feeling then having clear skin. I use the Garnier Micellar Water with cotton pads and I think it does a pretty good job. It doesn't seem to get all of my mascara off but for the price I can't really moan. I of course one day want to try Bio derma maybe if I go to France at some point I'll pick up a bottle. Once I've done that then I'll just wash my face and if I really want to treat myself I'll use an exfoliating mask. That doesn't happen that often though (slap on the wrist for being lazy).
I then obviously get my pyjama's on. I do have perhaps the best pyjama top from Primark. Well it's a t-shirt but I wear it for bed. It features all of the Disney villains and I just couldn't leave it. The colours and it features a pumpkin it just had to be in my life. I'll then make myself a cup of green tea as that seems to make me relax. Switch on my fairy lights near my bed as I think that instantly changes the atmosphere of my room. Fact about me I love fairy lights. Think when I get a house my electricity bill will be pretty high around Halloween and Christmas haha :). I'll then read a few blog posts and watch some YouTube videos. And then brush my teeth and then drift off to sleep

I'm currently at home for a day and a bit. I'm so excited to be home just for a little bit I really need it. I've somehow had some good luck for once and got myself a little Christmas job. I did my first shift yesterday and I am dead from it. But a little bit of income will be lovely!!

Hope your all having a great weekend

Why are you so shy??

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I felt like having a chat/ type about something that's been on my mind lately. 

Shy- it's a word that has been used to describe me so many times and will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. I've kind of grown to hate it. Teachers, employers heck even my own parents have said it to me so many times I've lost count. I think it's a trait that people simply can't understand. So many times I have been asked why are you so shy??
I wish I could answer that easily, but I can't. There are probably many reasons as to why I'm personally shy. I know the main one is my weight. I've been through a bit of a crazy journey. Just for the record this isn't me bragging that I've lost weight and now I look and feel amazing blah blah blah  For me the feelings (i.e. shyness) I had when I was bigger haven't left me completely even though I look a tad different. I can only describe being an overweight teenage girl as feeling so pressured and just simply wanting to be invisible. I never participated in class discussions and only spoke to people I knew were nice or of course my friends. I was lucky in the sense that I was never really bullied or anything. For some reason I always imagined people saying and thinking horrible things about me. I guess I still now sometimes think that. I still get nervous about lots of things such as speaking in public, some days walking into a shop, oh answering a phone/ making a phone call can't describe how anxious I get when I have to do that.
Never having been in a relationship, queue the violins haha, I think also has affected my confidence. I find it hard to trust new people so I put a barrier up unless I truly believe someone wants to get to know me. Unfortunately have done this a couple of times only to be disappointed but I know most people have been in that situation. Let's just say I'm not here to only be spoken to when someone's bored and be used... I deserve better then that.
Don't get me wrong I'm a hell of a lot better now. If you'd have said to me five years ago that I'd be at university I would have thought you were mad. I am of course the quietest member of my class, some things will never change. Uni has completely put me out of my comfort zone yet I love it because it's done that. The amount of independence and just life skills in general I have learnt are so valuable. 

If it were as simple as to switch off being shy and be outgoing then perhaps some things would be easier. I just think a few people need to be a tad more understanding and know that there's more to someone then just being shy

Currently feeing nervous as I have an induction at a new temporary job today, fingers crossed it goes well!


*image used does not belong to me!

The Autumnal Tartan Scarf

Monday, 13 October 2014



Scarf- New Look
Top- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Primark
Jacket- Asda
Shoes- Converse (even though you can't see them)

The last photo makes me laugh, look like such an idiot but focus your attention to the bag aha. Also apologies it's so blury, still trying to figure out settings on my camera. Maybe one day I'll get it right :P This was a poor excuse for me to show off my new scarf. I am literally in love with it. It's from New Look and I just thought the colours were just perfect. I'm finding any excuse to inject orange into all aspects of my life currently. Tis the colour of Halloween after all :) I wanted the scarf to be the focus of my outfit so picked a simple long sleeved black top, jeans and a leather jacket.
My Sunday consisted of recovering from a hectic Saturday of going to an interview, shopping and catching up with my best friend who I miss loads.  I spent majority of the day chilling in bed watching American Horror Story. I'm getting into the show even though the first episode scared the shit out of me. I even had a bit of a nightmare.. I so need to man up. I then had a spontaneous yet sort of planned trip to the cinema to see Dracula Untold with two of  my uni mates. It was such a good film and the costumes were amazing!!!. It was so nice to venture out on a rainy Sunday night felt like a right rebel. I usually hate Sunday's but I really enjoyed yesterday.

Gotta love a Sunday cinema date, definitely need to do it more often.

Autumnal eyeshadow

Friday, 10 October 2014



It's not often I change up my make up look, I stick to pretty much the same things. Recently I've really got into the spirit of Autumn as it's finally starting to get colder. I've come up with an eye shadow combination that I love and think it creates a great daytime look.
I do my usual of wearing my Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation and Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer. I recently bought the Primed and Ready collection primer and I don't know how I've lived without it. I have used shades from an Urban Decay palette I picked up years ago on a ferry to Calais (random I know). I love the shade Snatch it's a beautiful copper shade with hints of glitter. I've been applying this all over the lid. I then have been using Toasted on the outer third of my eye and have been blending the two together. It creates a lovely warm copper, glittery shade that I think compliments my green eyes quite well. I add a tiny bit of a dark brown eye shadow to the crease just to add some depth. Then mascara, eyeliner boom done.

That's it a simple Autumn themed eye shadow look I can see myself wearing for months.

I now need to head into London to go Fabric shopping and then straight back to uni, effort!

The Witch Necklace- Empty Casket

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Being October and the month of Halloween I am like a kid in a candy shop. I am so excited as my obsession can finally come out in full force. I've had a bit of a fascination with witches since I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time when I was around 4 I believe. See most little girls wanted to be princesses, I went through that stage but I mainly wanted to be a witch flying around on a broomstick as you do.
Empty Casket is an online jewellery store that is growing in followers. It is literally my dream shop. It consists of witchy, bat themed and just pieces that I have dreamt about finding at such affordable prices. As soon as I discovered it through Instagram I knew I had to make an order.
This necklace I had to get because let's face it, the word witch is on it. It's a really cute dainty necklace with a gold curved plate. I usually prefer longer chained necklaces but this doesn't feel to constricting on my neck. The word witch is delicately engraved onto it and I think it's so cute. I love the fact it's not too over the top gothic as I can't really pull that off. The packaging that came with it is adorable and the delivery was amazing! This is the first of many orders to come as I want everything.

Check them out at

So girls who love Halloween and all things witchy like me you have to get involved with this company.

Little Update #2

Sunday, 5 October 2014

I really enjoyed writing my first 'little update' post and as I have been pretty poor at posting this week I figured I would do this to make up for it. I really enjoy when bloggers write about there life. Maybe I'm just a nosey cow (its so true) but I do find it kinda cool that people can get up to so many different things.

1. I have had the most unproductive week at university. I'm currently on my IRP at uni, it's essentially the same as a dissertation but it's called an independent research project. I am making a 1920's evening dress. I just can't seem to find my stride at the moment. Myself and Lucy (check out her blog here!!) found ourselves looking on clothing websites and trying to take advantage of the student discounts. Maybe it's a bad idea us sitting near each other...

2. My skin is really unhappy with me at the moment and it's making me sad

3. Oxford street, Tottenham Court Road Primark and student loan = dangerous times. So many lovely clothes around guys. My friend managed to find a photo booth in H&M how sick is that! We got out photo's done as you can see above. I love them so much!

4. Cards Against Humanity is such a fun game to play. Tad controversial but it had me in stitches and now I really want to buy it.

5. Today I helped a friend of my uni tutor pack up a load of costumes from a store. Every bone in my body aches no joke. It was based in an old film and TV studio which was pretty cool. It's not running anymore so it was completely empty. Not gonna lie it was very eeery. Me and my two friends tried to explore as much of it as we could, highlight eating our lunch in an empty canteen seeing autographs of people who had filmed their.

Right time for me to go to bed, busy week ahead. Must. be. more. productive.

A little bit angelic

Friday, 3 October 2014


Top- George at Asda
Jeans- Topshop Joni
Jacket- New Look
Shoes- Converse
I'm wearing such a simple outfit today and wanted to post it. I love wearing this top as I for someone reason feel floaty and angelic. It's from Asda and I love white shirts. It's slightly cropped so wearing it with high waisted jeans is a must for me. Don't want to show off skin after the amount of food I've eaten this week. I added my khaki jacket to add a bit of toughness I guess to this outfit. And of course my converse cause I live in them.
This week has gone so slowly in my opinion, definitely got that Friday feeling on. Not the most productive in terms of my work for uni :/. I've finally caught up On Great British Bake off, so happy with the finalists! This weekend consists of shopping, a house party meeting the first years on my course and then doing a job involving packing up costumes on Sunday.
*Sorry the photos aren't that great I'm still trying to figure out the settings on my camera and working with my room at uni. So annoying as I got the hang of it at home haha
What's everyone's plans for this weekend??