From the Office to Happy Hour with T.M. Lewin

Friday, 25 March 2016

So you have a full day ahead at the office but have that Friday feeling as you're having drinks after work. Question is what the hell do you wear?? Now I have to admit I have never worked in an office type of environment but I have a pretty solid idea of what most people wear through getting the train with commuters during early morning rush hour many times.. If I worked in an office I'd want to portray professionalism, elegance but with a hint of fun. However if you're heading out after work to unwind chances are you want to be comfortable too.
T.M. Lewin have a great selection of pieces for finding a great fit but also for any occasion. So you can look ready for the office but also know when it's time to kick back relax and get ready for the weekend. They have many selection of menswear which you can check out here so guys can look sharp for those hectic work days. Seriously the quality and variety of the suits look incredible. They also have a great selection of womenswear too which you can see here.

I wanted to base my outfit selection on what I would want to wear so I picked pieces from the women's range. I wanted to choose a top that wasn't too formal. At first I thought about how I could incorporate a white shirt as you can style them both in a relaxed and formal way. Shirts are great pieces to smarten up any look. But then I saw this amazing pink blush shell top and thought it was the perfect start. The colour is slightly playful and spring like and is a bit more fun then just going for monochrome colours. Plus pink seems to be the in colour right now. Its still has that sleek professional look with the high neckline but allows a bit more freedom being sleeveless and slightly loose fitting.
I chose the crop black trousers as I think the cropped lengths gives them a bit of a more relaxed vibe. They're still tailored so have the smart professional vibe perfect for the office but seem like they'd be comfortable enough to enjoy a few drinks with too. To go with the trousers I picked a black blazer so it gives the appearance of a suit. However it can easily be taken off after a long day of work for drinks.
A statement necklace can be added to the top after work to make the look a little bit more jazzy, I found this white embellished one from New Look. A small bag that has structure is the perfect accessory for an office to drinks look. The structured look of the bag fits with the tailored vibes and the small size makes it perfect to take out those essentials for a night out.
So if you're looking for some office to happy hour outfit inspiration then look no further then T.M. Lewin
After all, its always about getting that balance between working hard and having fun. Cocktails after work anyone??


  1. nice pieces, especially the top. I think id go for a higher heel, especially if I was out for drinks after work

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. Yeah I would if I was brave, but heels and me do not get on haha. Thanks for the comment :) x