The £6 Perfume from Primark

Thursday, 14 April 2016

I love a perfume, I don't feel complete without wearing some kind of scent. It's just part of life now. As much as I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs its not the cheapest product so I want to save every last spray for special occasions or days where I need perking up. I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to wear on an every day basis. Whilst recently browsing the Primark in Tottenham Court Road I came across a display of perfumes.
Coachella 05 was one of the main features on the perfume stand I came across. What mainly swung it for me was the packaging. I live in a lot of black but I am a sucker for a bit of bold colouring. Plus both the packaging and bottle scream summer vibes. And I could use a bit of sun just saying. The fragrance is quite light and delicate. Like everyone says I don't really know how to describe scents but it's not overly sweet which is what I usually like to go for. It's easy wearing for everyday. And the bottle is huge so I hope will last me a long time. I think I now want to pick up the smaller bottle to put in my handbag.

You got to love finding a winning product for such a good price!

A short and sweet post today, apologies for the lack of life on here lately. Last week was my birthday I'm 22 now, so an old git essentially. And I've been doing so much overtime (well probably not that much compared to most people) but yeah.

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