My Summer Ball Outift and Finishing First Year of Uni!!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

It's been way to long since I've posted on here. I hope now I can update a bit more regularly on here. Anyways I wanted to share what I wore for an event I went to at my university. I can't believe I'm saying this but I've come to the end of my first year at uni which is just mental!! I literally feel like I've just started and the thought of me graduating in two years is terrifying.
So at the end of the year we had a summer ball to celebrate finishing the year and for the third years to celebrate graduating. I decided that I wanted to go dressy as I don't tend to go to many events so I thought I would try and go all out. I even managed to put on false eyelashes which can I just say is a skill!! It was the first time I wore them and I spent two hours trying to put on those bloody things.

1. So I decided to go for a long dress as I always feel more elegant in them (sad I know) and I hardly ever get to wear them. I chose a navy blue dress as I am loving that colour at the moment. The dress is from AX Paris and I fell in love with it immediately when coming across it on the website. It comes in a few different colours and really isn't that expensive. The beading detail and the keyhole at the front I think is really pretty and different to any dress I have bought before.

2. I went for orange as the colour for accessories as I love love love the combination of blue and orange.  Now I am not one for wearing uncomfortable shoes as I have very weak feet so I struggle with walking in heels. These have the biggest platform I have ever seen so I took a risk getting these. But I survived all night wearing them and they were very comfy. Not gonna lie I did feel like I was gonna fall over at time but I didn't. These shoes are amazing and I found them on an awesome website called Amazing shoes for pretty decent prices. I saw some on Topshop exactly like these but these were a lot cheaper at £24.99. Unfortunately they are all sold out now but I will leave the link so you can check out the website as I definitely recommend it!.

3. The final thing was a bag. Originally I saw an orange clutch bag on New Look but being the idiot I am left it to late to order it before it went out of stock. So I typed in orange clutch bag on Google and came across this beauty on Ebay. They didn't lie when they said in the description that it was neon orange, its is bright be warned!!. I love it though and it definitely caught some attention haha.

So yeah they are the items I bought and above are some pictures of me once I'd finished getting ready. It was so much fun getting dressed up and I can't wait for the two other summer balls I get to have at uni. I'm sure I will be buying new outfits for them as well :P

Thank so much for reading :)

Katie x