About Me

Hey I'm Katie, a 23 year old born and living in Hertfordshire, England. I somehow graduated with a BA Hons in Costume Production in 2015 and have now finally managed to secure a full time job as a copywriter (I know I have taken a slightly different path) for movie props and costumes.

For a couple of years I found myself reading blogs thinking I would love to do this one day. So I finally plucked up the courage and started KMales, the initial of my first name and surname combined. Originality and creative thinking on point as always...

I hope this blog can give you snippets into my life, and let you find out a little more about me and my weird ways. So expect topics like beauty, fashion, music, this rollercaster we call life and maybe one day some sewing content. Oh and Halloween related things cause I'm slightly obsessed.

I don't know how this will develop but all I know is that I never thought anyone would even read this blog so to have any kind of comments or follows just amazes me every time. So Thank You!!

Katie x

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