So much pink

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I went home for the weekend to spend time with my family as it's my mum's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday you wonderful woman!! I had a few errands to run and had to pick up a few bits so went to my local town. I decided to head into River Island with my mum and discovered a trend which seems to be hot right now, PINK! And I mean lot's of pink.
Personally I can't stand the colour as it's just so stereotypical of a girl and Barbie like. However I was loving some of the pieces in there, a personal favourite was a neon pink jacket. I've obviously seen the pastel pink coats that everyone seems to love. And I have developed a massive love for coats!! Check out my newest video to see that haha :)

These are only a few of the pink items I found on the River Island website. Perhaps I'm starting to embrace a bit more of a girly side. I think pink will somehow make an appearance in my wardrobe this spring/summer.

What do you think of the pink trend??

Katie x

A Lonely Saturday...

Monday, 20 January 2014

oooo dusty mirror you should be ashamed of yourself Katie... ottd of the day- jacket- Topshop, top- H&M, treggings- Next

On the ol' Youtube

So being at uni means I'm not at home obviously, and after quitting my job back at home (uni schedule is about to get hectic) I find myself sometimes alone at the weekend. So I decided to pluck up the courage to catch a bus on my own and go into a town near me called Bromely to try and find a birthday present for the legend that is my mother!! :)
I ended up getting a bracelet from a lovely shop called Flutterbyes. They do such cute interior stuff to and the music played in there... they know how to party haha! I wanted to get her a perfume to but couldn't find it so I ended up ordering that offline.
Okay so I physically had to face what I would call a nightmare situation. So I hate travelling on my own except on trains as I have a pretty good idea how the London Underground works now! Hence why I have never got a bus on my own before. Travelling there absolutely fine. So went to get the bus home and the road where the bus stop is has been dug up.. shit! I believe I actually have a fear of getting lost on my own. Somehow I remained calm and managed to figure out how to get home which included me getting a bus and a train. Not gonna lie was so proud of myself haha!
When I got home I put my feet up played on my laptop and obviously went on Youtube, found an awesome drugstore beauty haul (pictured above). Then watched a few episodes of the Munsters, I loveee that programme. It's so vintage, it's based on a family that dress Halloween themed and Lily Munster is what a lady should be haha!.
I spent my night going to a friends house, was a bit naughty and got a takeaway. Chicken burger and chips yes yes! Plus my friends made cake and popcorn mmm mmmmmm. We watched Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince as I hadn't seen it. I have two more films to watch then I've seen them all.
Just had the urge to write about my weekend and took a few pics, hope it was intresting to someone haha :)
Katie x

Witchy Vibes

Friday, 17 January 2014

So probably my favourite in this blogging world is the just awesome Lily Melrose (link her blog at the bottom), pretty sure most of you will know her. She's like famous on here haha! Anyways I seem to love every single outfit post she does, the girl has style you can't deny it, she could make a bin bang look good!!

One particular outfit featured a certain dress, I feel in love with immediately that I wanted to write a  blog post about it.

So it is this amazing dress from Motel Rocks and it's £35 which is a pretty sweet price if you ask me. The thing I love is the gothic/witchy vibe this dress has. Hocus Pocus was my life as a kid, I would watch the film on repeat and always wanted to be a witch. Not gonna lie I still do :P. Sarah Jessica Parker in that film is something else, a witch that can lure in all the boys and made my favourite colour purple :) I feel like this is the perfect way of wearing something considered a bit goth without actually looking quite scary. Its a smock dress which I'm a bit reluctant about as I'm quite wide and got a bit of a chest so have a fear of this style making me look pregnant. But I do now have a smock dress from Asos and I love it! The lacing detail at the back just adds to it awesomeness. They also do this dress in maroon which I also love!
my girls- Mary, Winifred and Sarah Sanderson :) <3
I have however put myself on a shopping ban, but I want it sooo bad in my life! My birthday is in April but realistically I don't think I can wait that long!!
Do I buy it... haha. Anyone else having these dilemmas??
Katie x

Believe in the Shield- ootd

Sunday, 12 January 2014



Black Shirt- Asda
Joni Jeans- Topshop
Shield Necklace- Asos
Trainer Shoes- Asda
Coat- Asda
Bracelet- River Island
Ring- H&M

So I really liked the outfit I wore yesterday. Now the inspiration for it was my necklace. Being the wrestling fan I am, I always have favourites. Now your thinking where are you going with this Katie?? Well my favourite group to watch in WWE are currently the shield hence the inspiration behind my necklace aha! I just saw the necklace and thought it was really cool and I immediately wanted to have it!

                         These are the Shield in case your not a wrestling fan or whatever. Kinda have a thing for Dean Ambrose (in the middle)
                         , okay not kinda I do just can't take my eyes off him ha!

Yesterday it was my uni friend's 20th birthday so decided we would go on a shopping trip to London :) we had to go fabric sample shopping for our university project.  It was kind of successful :/ We then hit Oxford street and I don't think I've ever spent that much money. I don't deal well with spending lots of money as I've been bought up with the mentality of spent it on things you need rather than what you want. Therefore I always feel guilt if I spend. However yesterday for me I went crazy! A haul will be coming up soon showing what I got!
Anyways going off topic I decided to go for a comfortable outfit yet I still wanted to look like I'd made an effort. I wore a black shirt with my newest obsession my Topshop Joni jeans (the most comfortable things ever!!). I wore my blatant knock off converse shoes from Asda (bought them for Reading festival and they're a dream) and my new coat from Asda. I transitioned the outfit to night when we went for a meal out at the O2 by swapping my jeans for a skirt, tights, some heeled boots and chucked on a leather jacket.

Sometimes outfits can be inspired by the craziest things, this one so happened to be by a current wrestling faction haha!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Katie x

So Long 2013

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year I guess is the thing to start this post off with! :) Hope everyone who reads this had an amazing Christmas with family or just a nice relaxed break!

First off changed my blog name so again I'm on Blog Lovin so check me out :)
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Personally I hate this time of year as I get the Christmas blues and get fed up of people saying the generic I'm gonna be a better person this year but then not do anything about it! phew haha

2013 was an okay year for me I didn't really do much to be honest and felt like it was a bit of an unproductive year.

A highlight for me was going to Reading Festival for the second year in a row. I love festivals/music and Reading feels like the place for me!

The main stage, soo many amazing bands

Both years I've queued up to meet Enter Shikari, got to the front of the line and been cut off :( However did manage to get Rou's autograph and talk to him a little bit. May have a slight attraction towards him :') haha

Also I got to go to many concerts/ gigs, bands I saw included:
*Black Rebel Motorcyle Club
*One Direction
*Enter Shikari
*Two Door Cinema Club
*Michael Buble
*Kesha  (shocking live, only went cause my sister had a spare ticket haha, not my cup of tea)
So what do I want to achieve in this new year then. Well I kinda have resolutions but there more for my general well being then just the next year coming up
1. First I would like to lose more weight and become healthier. I have been on a weight struggle all my life and have changed dramatically in terms of weight (perhaps I will do a post in the future but I don't want to come across as bragging about losing weight)
2. Attempt to have a more positive outlook on things. Unfortunately I'm quite pessimistic and tend to see things from a negative point of view. I want this to change as then I generally feel like I would enjoy certain things more, lets see :)
3. Start a new hobby- I have something in mind that I would love to have a go at. However I don't want to share it as I want to see if I actually have the guts to start it. I'm not brilliant at stepping out of my comfort zone!
So yeah I don't have a lot planned for 2014 yet, I'm finally meeting a friend of mine in person soon and we're going to see TNA (wrestling) in London. It's my first time seeing wrestling in terms of a big American company in person and I have watched it since I was 4 crazy!
I hope my blog this year will get a few more people discovering it, I don't really know what I'm doing but ya know it's all a learning process ain't it! :)
How was your New Year??
Thank you for reading
Katie x