The Essential Eye Brush Set by Studio 5 Cosmetics

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Firstly I realise I've been really bad at posting lately, I'm having a lack of self confidence at the moment so haven't felt like writing so yeah. One day I want to feel happy enough to do outfit posts again.
Recently I have rediscovered my love for doing my makeup coming out of what feels like the longest lazy slump. I realised that I needed to add some new brushes to my collection and in particular some eye shadow brushes. You know times are bad when you're trusty H&M eye shadow brush snaps in half (shameful I know!). Most of the brushes I own are from Real Techniques but I really wanted to try out a new brand. Whilst browsing Amazon I came across the Essential Eye Brush Set by Studio 5 Cosmetics which sounded pretty decent to me. In this set you get seven 'high quality' brushes all designed to help apply eye make up. Within the set you get:

*Pencil brush
*Precision Shader
*Small angle
*Eye liner
*Angled shader
*Perfect blending


The one brush I was really looking forward to using was the perfect blending brush as I'd never had a brush specifically for blending out eye shadow. The amount of times I've wanted to create a soft eye shadow look but not been able to do it. That brush is so fluffy and does the job of blending out colours perfectly. All of the brushes seem really high quality and none of them so far have shed all over my face which I've had happen before. Plus the bristles is 100% cruelty free so that's an added bonus. And for the price of £11.80 for the whole set you can't really go wrong.

London Calling by Kat Von D

Monday, 10 October 2016

Being from the UK I couldn't get my hands on Kat Von D makeup easily as it was always available for years in the US in Sephora. So when I found out that her make up was being launched over here in Debenhams I was so so excited! And my lovely boyfriend treated me to a limited edition set from her range called London Calling which featured the product I have been wanting to try for ages.
So in this collection you get three miniature sized products which I actually really like as they're perfect for travel and it also means you can try them out before deciding to buy the bigger version. So it features a min studded kiss lipstick in what I believe is a classic shade from her collection called Lolita, a mini everlasting liquid lipstick (which I've heard many good things about) in the shade Double Dare and the product I'm most excited about a mini waterproof tattoo eyeliner in Trooper.

I am absolutely loving the eyeliner so I now see why everyone raves about it. The felt tip applicator makes it so easy to use and draw a smooth line something I find really tricky to do. I've also heard it makes doing winged eyeliner really easy so we'll see if that works with clumsy old me. But what I'm most impressed with is that the colour stays on my lid throughout the whole day. Most of the time the black liquid eyeliners I use fade a lot through the day which is a tad annoying. But this one remains all day. I also love the pigment of the lipsticks particularly the everlasting liquid one. It just glides on, the colours are a little darker then what I usually wear but I guess Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with darker lip shades.

Question is what do I buy next from the range...

Venice 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

For years I've been jealous of reading about what felt like everyone in the world going on holiday except me. I've been to a few places but there are those places where you've dreamt of going to and I have a pretty long list. But one place in particular I've wanted to go for years is Venice in Italy, and well a couple of weeks ago that dream came true. It's taken me ages to edit the photos so apologies this is a little late.
The whole holiday itself was a bit of a dream as I went on holiday with my boyfriend Ben which also is something I thought I would never say. And Venice is an extremely romantic place so it was a rather lovely place to go to on our first holiday together. And plus I loved being able to spend a few days together just the two of us as work makes it tricky to see each other a lot of the time.


The Infinity Suit by T.M. Lewin

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

It always exciting when a company launch a new product. Last Friday T.M. Lewin launched their new infinity suit which looks and sounds incredible. This new suit is specifically designed to look sharp throughout the day whether you're having a busy day at work and running errands. With its new crease resistant technology this suit leaves you looking good all day long. The suit also contains an open weave allowing water to be absorbed easily. This means you feel comfortable and cool whilst looking well put together.
The model Chase Armitage is a free runner and has directed multiple productions. As you can see from the photos the tricks he performs are high risk and very physical. Its the perfect way to showcase that the infinity suit can withstand anything. So walking around the office or catching the train is nothing.

If you know anyone on the hunt for a new suit then the Infinity suit seems like the perfect option for a man's wardrobe.

Check out the infinity suit here

Beach Day Musts

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The beach is one of those places that can instantly make you feel happy in an instant. The mere sight of sand and sea that's never ending just instantly puts a smile on my face. Whether it's lapping up the sun abroad or enjoying the hustle and bustle of the English seaside some essentials are needed for a beach trip. The idea for this post came from a hash tag on Instagram created by Adore Me so if you want to get involved upload your ideas with #BeachDayMusts.

I think most of the items I picked are pretty self explanatory but I'm really not all about taking fancy items. Lets be honest whatever you take will get covered in sand at some point so take what you need and just enjoy relaxing. A hat is essential for me, on my last holiday my scalp got so burnt and I definitely learnt my lesson. A tangle teezer for the frizzy mane that is my hair, seriously at the beach I get so many knots so its perfect. I don't read a lot of books which isn't something I'm proud of. However at the beach when I'm sitting there enjoying the sun I tend to pick some sort of autobiography, currently I'm reading Caroline Flack's book and I love it. She's definitely a girl crush of mine. Maybe I'm a bit old school but I still use my iPod to listen to music instead of my phone. I love listening to music so I have to take it to the beach with me, gives me a chance to daydream.

Now I'm in the mood to go on a holiday again, anyone want to join me??

And if you're in need of swimwear for a holiday then check out the amazing range by Adore Me here

A Few Summer Favourites

Wednesday, 27 July 2016



I am not someone who is made for the summer, heat and me we just aren't a match made in heaven. Feeling all sweaty, wearing clothes that I feel uncomfortable in and my skin breaking out just isn't my ideal situation. But the one great thing about summer, you get to actually be outside. Nothing beats spending the day outside either at the coast or just in the garden soaking up some rays. I thought I'd take some photos outside working with the lighting whilst babysitting my gorgeous nephew (hence the sandpit). So I figured I'd snap some of my favourite things I've been loving in the summer so far.

I joined the Quay Australia sunglasses hype a couple of months ago before I went on holiday. I bought these blue tinted mirror framed glasses and I bloody love wearing them. I seem to freak out a lot of people wearing them (seriously the boyfriend is not a fan) and have been referred to as looking like a fly. But I think they're cool and I can somehow pull them off. To be fair I think I can pull off a lot of things but yeah...

Sandals are a staple for summer and its so good to wear flat shoes. Now being the sewing geek I am I love any form of embellishment so when I saw this beautiful beaded pair of sandals from New Look I just had to have them. I believe they were around £20.00 so a bargain. With the pop of orange they add a bit of colour to my very monochrome wardrobe. Plus they were comfy from the first moment I put them on a real rarity with my feet.

I'm really loving brightly coloured jewellery at the moment and there's not better season to wear it then summer. This anklet I also got from New Look for holiday and I just feel cool wearing it. Its very different for me and I feel a bit bohemian. The only downside is that the bright pink transfers onto my ankle which is a tad annoying but I can deal with it. It doesn't irritate me like I thought it would and I feel like I want to buy more jewellery pieces now. Guess its time to experiment.

Finally I thought I would include a cup I'm enjoying. I have many goals I want to achieve in terms of being more healthy and one of those is to drink more water. I thought buying a fun glass would make me want to drink water more. I purchased this pink jar from Primark a couple of months back and it's so cute. With the logo let's do cocktails what's not to like really...

How are we near August, I swear time is just flying by!! I need some more plans for the remaining part of the summer we have left.

A Seaside Pirate Adventure

Monday, 18 July 2016




Its rare that I get to go away but after going abroad last month and going for a weekend away I am fully now on a mission to make more time for myself and get away. I think everyone needs a break from everyday life. This past weekend I went down to Hastings with my family to have a weekend away. Each summer they have a day in July called Pirate day and everyone goes to town. Last year I missed out as it was my first shift at my supermarket job (yes I've been there a year already...).
I'm a massive fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and anything with a skull on so it was safe to say I was in my element. My whole family got involved dressing up and everyone in the town wore an array of costumes. Some of them were incredible, yeah my costume nerd side came up. Definitely have some inspiration to make some Pirate outfits now. To have time with my family was really nice, life is so busy so its quite uncommon for us to all get together. And with my nephew being the happy, full of life baby that he is made it a lot more special. Everything was Pirate themed, pubs were full, music blaring and the pier had a treasure hunt for all of the family.
And um I met Captain Jack Sparrow, okay maybe he wasn't exactly Johnny Depp but the resemblance was crazy.
I just love being by the seaside, I don't think it'll ever lose its charm. The air is fresher and everything just seems a lot happier there. And the weather for once was amazing. I need another weekend away soon.

YSL Black Opium

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Whilst on holiday I wanted to treat myself to a new perfume. I bloody love a good perfume, seriously I can't go a day without wearing it even if I'm just lounging about the house I still have to spray some sort of fragrance.
I've wanted to get my hands on Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent for a very long time after hearing many good things about it (shocker bloggers and Youtubers have influenced me buying something yet again). As I had spending money I figured I would treat myself so as soon as I saw it I was like yep it's going to be mine. I am terrible when it comes to describing perfume but its not like anything I've smelt before. Its quite a dark smell compared to the usual vanilla sweetness I go for. It's kind of musky in a nice way and just makes me feel special when I spray it. The bottle as well captures the dark nature of the perfume. With the black and pink mixed glitter covering the outside it's a mix of sophistication and mystery. Two traits I personally am always attracted too. Its just looks damn good on my dressing table in my room.
Safe to say I've found my new favourite scent, the price is steep but if it smells that good then it's worth every penny.

Where Have I Been...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hello, yes I do still exist haha. I didn't post for the month of May, that wasn't intentional but it just didn't happen. I think I've realised how much I want to create content I feel proud of and some of the stuff I posted recently I'm not completely satisfied with. I'd rather post nothing then post something that is crap. I've updated my Instagram (hence the collage above) with my usual selfies, things I've bought and photos of days out.
Life's been a bit well weird. Job wise I'm still in my retail shop job. My confidence in applying for jobs has just gone lately so I've been so lazy. However in my head its time to move on so I need to man up and do it. Speaking of manning up, I've managed to bag myself a new boyfriend (wtf). So yeah that's us in the top right we had a day trip to London yesterday and it was lovely. The weather was dull and rainy all day of course but it didn't spoil anything. And we even went on the London Eye, something I've wanted to do for ages. It took me months to pluck up the courage to talk to him at work but finally did it. And somehow that developed into dates and now a relationship. I do get quite scared to post stuff about it like pictures as it's still really new but I haven't been this happy in a long time. And it feels really nice. I'll stop with the cheesiness now. Also I go on holiday in just over a week and I cannot wait. Lots of photos will be taken and hopefully a few posts as well.
Hope your all doing well, oh and apparently in the UK its now officially summer. Maybe someone should tell the weather that.

It Was Time For A Change

Saturday, 30 April 2016

I'm not a very outgoing, spontaneous person, I never have been. I stick to what I know, stay within comfort zones and just get on with life. There are many things I've thought about changing in my life. My fitness level and overall health is something I'm massively keen to get back on track. My style I want to mix up a bit. But my hair is one of those things where I haven't really changed for years.
As crazy as this is going to sound my hair is pretty sacred to me, I know such a bloody girly stupid thing to say. But I've always had issues with it. As a kid I had what I called my afro but essentially short ringlety frizzy hair and it was just atrocious. And discovering straighteners as a teenager meant I overdid it and well my hair essentially died from the heat. I've kept my hair the same for as long as I can remember really, only getting the ends trimmed. I feel like you're a bit limited when you have curly hair. For years I've been trying to grow it and finally it's got a bit longer now. But it still has a way to go to what I want it to be (below the boobage area).
I've been contemplating getting a dip dye for ages and I've finally taken the plunge. I didn't want my whole hair done as dare I say it I like my natural hair colour. I got the ends dip dyed in this gorgeous vibrant purple and I bloody love it. I think the colour is gorgeous and goes so well with my dark hair. I literally am so happy with it. 


I'm now a proud member of the dip dye club, I just feel a bit revamped now. Maybe I should think about making some other spontaneous decisions.

The £6 Perfume from Primark

Thursday, 14 April 2016

I love a perfume, I don't feel complete without wearing some kind of scent. It's just part of life now. As much as I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs its not the cheapest product so I want to save every last spray for special occasions or days where I need perking up. I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to wear on an every day basis. Whilst recently browsing the Primark in Tottenham Court Road I came across a display of perfumes.
Coachella 05 was one of the main features on the perfume stand I came across. What mainly swung it for me was the packaging. I live in a lot of black but I am a sucker for a bit of bold colouring. Plus both the packaging and bottle scream summer vibes. And I could use a bit of sun just saying. The fragrance is quite light and delicate. Like everyone says I don't really know how to describe scents but it's not overly sweet which is what I usually like to go for. It's easy wearing for everyday. And the bottle is huge so I hope will last me a long time. I think I now want to pick up the smaller bottle to put in my handbag.

You got to love finding a winning product for such a good price!

A short and sweet post today, apologies for the lack of life on here lately. Last week was my birthday I'm 22 now, so an old git essentially. And I've been doing so much overtime (well probably not that much compared to most people) but yeah.

A Day At The Zoo

Friday, 1 April 2016


Its rare that my family and I go on days out. We don't really spend that much time together. Yesterday my nephew Alfie somehow turned 1, I literally don't know how it's been a year since he's born. It's crazy. So to celebrate we went to Whipsnade Zoo. So I thought I'd do a little bit of a photo diary. The elephants were by far my favourite, but they had a massive fence in front of them so couldn't get any decent photo's.
Also yesterday evening I went to see Nothing But Thieves in Kentish Town. So all in all I had a pretty decent day!