Hello 2017...

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Well first off Happy New Year, so so late I know. I hope everyone had a great evening indulging in a few drinks and dancing the night away (or if you're me having a glass of prosecco and then going to bed as you had work the next morning boo!). Now I won't lie New Years is my least favourite time of the year, probably because I love the build up to Christmas and now its over. I'm not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions but it is a time when you reflect on what you want to achieve so I thought  would write some new goals. Also I've been stuck in bed with the flu over the last few days so it's been a cracking start to the year already...

1. Find my passion for things again
Over the last few months I've kinda lost my way in life in general. I've had a lot of days where I haven't even wanted to get out of my bed and I've never experienced that before. I just have had no desire to do anything (well apart from cuddle with my boyfriend all of the time, cringe!) but it's time to focus on changing that. I guess being stuck in a job that lets face it depresses me and not being able to find work in costume making has got me down. But I've managed to bag a little paid internship so that is a start. And in terms of costume making I'm just going to make stuff for fun, I miss sewing and creating so much!

2. Post on this damn blog
The amount of posts on here has dwindled and the reason for it... I honestly couldn't tell you why. I think part of the reason is not being happy within myself. I need to gain more self love in order to do more posts I want to like outfit posts. But I'm gonna write a bunch of ideas and I'll hopefully get back to posting lots soon.

3.Travel more
Last year I got to go on two holidays which is insane. For most people they'd be like why is that exciting but I hadn't been away in years and really did appreciate the breaks away. After visiting Venice with my boyfriend Ben and experiencing a whole new culture we are dieing to go travelling. There are so many places we want to travel to and we are heading on a little holiday soon to Lanzarote which I am very excited about!

4. Make Healthier choices 
I've written it many times on here... I lost weight I've gained it all again so hating myself big time right now. I guess food is unfortunately a comfort for me and I like eating. So I would like to exercise and find a way to enjoy it again and get a buzz from it. But mainly discover what healthy eating is again. Seriously before I went to university I was so healthy and my willpower was on point, now I'm terrible and always wanting chocolate... help!

5. Reach out more to friends
I've lost contact and been terrible at seeing my friends recently so I'd really like to make more of an effort. I've been slowly introducing my boyfriend into my friendship group which is exciting as I never thought I would have the opportunity to do that. But yeah I need to have more chats and I miss a lot of people. 

Well lets see what 2017 has to offer then shall we...