Crosswires by MAC

Thursday, 29 January 2015


Another MAC Lipstick added to my collection. I received this as a gift for Christmas (thanks to my sister) but wanted to give myself time to try it out before I write about it. Now I am still very much a newbie to testing out lipstick colours so I still mainly wear nude colours. However I ventured out a little bit with this shade. Crosswires is from the Cremesheen range and is a vibrant pink coral colour.

Wearing Your Boyfriend's Shirt

Monday, 26 January 2015


Shirt- New Look
Jeans- Topshop
Coat- New Look
Shoes- Primark
Bag- New Look

I've found lately I'm back into wearing shirts. This particularly blue and white striped shirt I fell in love with whilst in New Look when I was back at home during the Christmas break. I immediately thought it was like wearing your 'boyfriend's' shirt (hypothetically speaking). Just for the record I am

Sometimes You Need A Break

Friday, 23 January 2015

Being in third year of uni is hard! I can't sugar coat as there is so much to do in so little time. I feel like there is an ever growing list of assignments to complete and I finish in June. The toll of stress is definitely taking its toll on me. My sleeping pattern is completely ruined which is unlike me, my eating got ridiculous last term (although I'm working on that currently) and I'm breaking out constantly on my face. However I knew it was going be a challenge so I can't be too surprised. I guess I wish I had or perhaps need a bit of a wake up call.
I'm starting to realise though that I definitely need to make sure I take breaks. I stress myself about so many things that its taking it toll on me. Today was the perfect example. So I'm in my room trying to write words for my dissertation and literally nothing is happening. Not one drop of inspiration. I could feel myself getting so worked up I was on the verge of crying. My friend messaged me and said would I like to go out for a walk around Greenwich. And you know what, it was the best thing.  Walking around Greenwich was what I needed as it cleared my head and just allowed me to spend some time outside soaking up my surroundings. Greenwich park and the area in general to me just has such positive vibes. I always feel happy going there and I could see me potentially living there in the future *dream on*.

I have to somehow find the balance between being on top of my work and having breaks so I don't go crazy. Third year you are proving to be a bit of a bitch at times.

The Mindsweep and reaching 100 followers

Thursday, 22 January 2015


I cannot express how excited I was for the release of this album. The Mindsweep is the fourth album released from the band Enter Shikari. Shikari quickly became one of my favourite bands when I discovered them back in late 2012. I think the reason why I love them is because they simply create music like no other band and write about topics I never knew about. I find it hard to put music into genres anyway but you literally can't with this band, there's so much going on. Its almost like their

A Little London Haul

Monday, 19 January 2015


Being a student living near London is a dangerous thing for your bank balance, so many shops so many nice things. I took my best friend Caroline out as it was recently her 21st birthday. I took her to see Wicked and it was amazing!! I forgotten how much I love going to the theatre. We go to a theatre based university so we are more aware of the technical aspects of performances now and it was hard to get out of work mode but it was so much fun. I think I can speak for both of us when I say our favourite thing to do is shopping. We're bad influences on each other. Seriously if I think back to how controlled I was at the beginning of first year I've come a long way (and not in a good way!). I of course bought a few things.

Wish List- Nu Sound Acoustics

Friday, 16 January 2015

I was really excited when asked to create this post by Nu Sound as I am a big music junkie. I've mentioned this before and it is obvious from the amount of gigs I tend to go to but I feel there is no better way to spend time then seeing music live. Nu Sound Acoustics is a brand that sell headphones and speakers to make listening to music even more enjoyable. With such affordable prices as well it all sounds to good to be true right?? I physically carry my headphones everywhere I go. I guess it's like a comfort thing as I always listen to music on trains, buses, walking to uni I mean the list could go on and on. I chose three items that I'd love to purchase.
The first pair of name the Roadie Headphones are my personal favourite design. Firstly I love the name of them. They just look so comfortable and come in six different colours. Of course I chose purple as it is my favourite. Described as having 'a clear balance of sound' I think they would be the perfect pair for me. I've yet to own a pair of headphones that are comfy whilst still producing good quality sound. These sound like they could be perfect.
The second pair of headphones I picked are the Retro Headphones. Firstly I think aesthetically they look pretty cool, classic and elegant. I liked these as they are described as being good headphones to listen to Rock and guitar solo's. The majority of my music collection is some from of Rock so I think my playlist would sound pretty good through these bad boys.
I finally picked the X Bass Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. I haven't owned speakers in the longest time as I tend to listen to most of my music through my laptop. But from reading the description for this it seems like your music and movie experience can be upgraded through the use of these speakers. And at the price of 69.99 it really isn't a bad deal.

As well as creating a wish list they sent over some music related questions to answer. I guess you'll get to know a little bit more about my music taste (I can't even describe it really haha)

What is your favourite song of all time.
This is probably the worst question you could ask me as it's so hard to pick. I think I'd have to go with I Want To Break Free by Queen, it just makes me so happy.

Song that you hate?
Anything by The Wanted, thank god they broke up. Actually one song I can't stand is We are Never getting back together by Taylor Swift, does my head in!

Reading, Lattitude or Download Festival?
I've only been to Reading out of the three so I'd have to go with that. The line up is just such a mix of genres of music that I think it's the perfect place to discover new artists and bands that you never thought you would see. I have some amazing memories from both times I've been. I have to say though that Download does sound wicked and I hope to go one day.

Favourite workout song/ songs
I really like Here We Go By Lower Than Atlantis as its quite heavy and just seems to always inspire me to carry on when working out

When you’re getting ready for a night out, what gets you pumped and in the mood?

Anything by Chase and Status and I'm immediately in a going out mood.

Who can you listen to on repeat and never get bored of?

I will never get bored of listening to Enter Shikari. They can mix up elements of music that you wouldn't dream of putting together and create such a unique sound. Plus they are incredible live too!

Top 3 artists?

Okay so I don't know if this means currently or of all time
All time- The Ramones, Queen, The Who
Now- Enter Shikari, Twin Atlantic and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

What do you listen to when your in a bad mood in hope that it will cheer you up?

I love listening to jazz and blue when I'm upset and I tend to go for either a bit of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. I don't see how anyone can't be happy when listening to their voices.

Best album of the year?

I have to go with Great Divide by Twin Atlantic, I love this band and they just always deliver.

Favourite song of 2014?

Hmm this ones hard, I'd go with Come On Over by Royal Blood, they were probably the biggest band of 2014 and I totally understand why.

Now it's your turn have a go at these questions, they're really fun to answer!

Check out Nu Sound Acoustics here

A Couple of Healthy Investments

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Aww January the month where most people have some sort of resolution to eat better, get fitter etc. I think it's very easy to say that you want to get healthy but it does actually require you to evaluate aspects of how you currently treat your body. Now I am obviously no expert in exercise and nutrition, but I have been on a bit of journey in terms of health. At the moment I'm not in the best of shape as I definitely overindulged over Christmas (it's what we all do right??). But for me I notice it most when I look at photos and my clothes don't look nice. Naturally as I have an interest in clothes what I wear is what I like to look at. I'm taking some baby steps to get to a position where I was a few years back now.
Maybe one day I'll do a progress post, but to cut a long story short I used to be big (in the plus size ranges of clothing). While I am in no way saying that's a bad thing, for me I was very low and depressed when at this weight. I have big time respect for bigger girls that love there bodies as trust me I would love to have that outlook on life. I wanted to go in shops and be able to buy clothes from the normal ranges without a zip not doing up or every top not fitting over my chest. So in summer 2010 I went on a diet, did exercise and that was the beginning. I'm hoping I can get back in this mind frame and just feel a tad happier with how I look (it's something I know I'll never hundred per cent be okay with). I'm working on it though.
I've purchased a couple of items that I hope will help.

The first is Body Beautiful by Lucy Mecklenburgh, yes I've purchased a book. I mean firstly she is beautiful and I've always thought she had an incredible body. What I like about her though is she isn't just a celebrity that's bought a crappy exercise DVD out. She's embarked on a fitness journey for life and completely changed her mentality towards food. The book is so good flicking through the pages and is very informative. I didn't realise how much detail there is but it is amazing. From aspects of your body, exercises to do, recipes and nutrition its fascinating to read. I feel like I'm learning a lot and I've only owned it for a couple of days. I think a lot of you may have heard of Results with Lucy as it is incredible and if you haven't then I definitely think you should check it out. I hope this will help me make changes to my poor diet now.

The second I am trying out is the 14 day Teatox by BooTea. I reckon people buy this as a quick solution which is a completely wrong reason to buy it. I bought it as I'd read it's great for getting rid of bloating which I experience on a daily basis. I feel like it has helped. You make a day tea every morning when you get up and the night tea you have before bed every other day. To me they both taste pretty good as I like Green Tea anyway. The only thing I don't like is the smell of the night tea (not my cup of tea... get it ). But the taste to me is better than the smell so I can live with it. I can't say if I've lost any weight since starting using it but I feel a bit better due to it.

Weight is always going to be a touchy subject with me as it's a big deal. That's why I won't talk about it too much on here. But I hope I can get healthier for this year as I have a lot of things coming up. Fingers crossed :) Anyone else doing anything to become more healthier??

Wish List- Sole Affair

Saturday, 10 January 2015

I am a shoe girl let's just make that known right now. I think shoes are a key piece to an outfit and can change up a look instantly. I was asked by Sole Affair to come up with a wish list featuring some pairs of shoes from their website. As you can imagine I was more than happy to search for items :). It was hard to narrow it down but I picked five pairs that I think would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.For me I'm all about black shoes. I very rarely venture into lighter colours as I'm all about keeping it classic with the colour but mixing it up with the style of shoe. However I have tried to mix it up with my choices.
At the moment I am loving chunky masculine looking shoes. I think paired with some skinny trousers creates such a nice look.  That's exactly why I chose the first pair the GRAFTON Chunky Cleated Platform Lace Up Ankle Boots. They have that Doc vibe about them and I feel like they fit with my style perfectly as well as being really practical to wear on a daily basis. I think these are my favourite pair of the lot if I had to choose.
The second pair The Duke Block Heel Chelsea boots I thought were beautiful. I actually prefer them in the antique red colour and think they would be a very subtle way of adding tones of colour to an outfit. I love the richness of oxblood red.  With the buckle detailing I feel they look delicate yet rugged at the same time. 
I also wanted to pick a couple of pairs of heels. I picked the Fox Black Metal Trim heels as I thought they were classic with a twist due to the gold trim. I like the overall shape of them and like how simple they are.
Okay how badass are the fourth pair! I love studs, I love the rock edgy vibe of them, they are just something else (can you tell I really like the Kitty studded boots...)
The final pair the white leather sandals I picked as I don't own white shoes and I liked the fact they are open toed. I think there's something quite elegant about them.

If you want stylish yet affordable shoes then Sole Affair is the place to look. Check them out here.

Which pair of shoes do you like the best??

'Leather' Leggings

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Jumper- Zara (SALE!)
Leggings- Asos
Boots- New Look
Jacket- Topshop
Witch Necklace- Empty Casket 

What's this? Two photo's that someone else has taken?!? :P I roped my dad into taking a couple of shots of my outfit today even though he doesn't really understand blogging. I don't know whether brown and black work together but I like this combination. This jumper is unusual for me to own as 1. It's from Zara and I've never bought anything from their and 2. it was in the sale which I never tend to find anything I like. I liked the brown shade of it and it's quite thin so I shouldn't get too hot in it. The leggings I got for Christmas and just thought they were something different to the usual black leggings. Naturally my Dad laughed when he saw them on me...
My boots I love! They're from New Look and I just think they are so nice. They have suede patches on them and they are quite high but I've had no trouble walking in them. Haven't done a whole lot of walking in them yet though.
My Christmas break is nearing to an end now although I have got a couple of nights out this week that I'm looking forward to. Finally a hint of a social life.

Body Shop Goodies

Friday, 2 January 2015

Here we go first post of 2015! Today I finished work early so I decided to have a wander round the shops as this is probably the only time in my life where I have a little bit of money. Of course I didn't like much as I was in a position where I could buy stuff. I swear that's always the way. I ventured into the Body Shop as I don't really go in their that much but always look when I walk past. There was a huge sale of the Christmas themed products so I decided to have a little look. My skin care for both my face and body isn't that great so I wanted to add some new products and hopefully improve it. I picked up a couple of items.
The first was the item on sale, it's the Vanilla Brulee Body Polish. I wanted to get something to exfoliate my skin as that is something I don't do enough. I picked it up for £5 so I think that's a pretty decent deal. I love love love the scent of Vanilla so I knew that I had to get it. It also says it has extracts of honey, aw it just sounds so lovely.  The beads are visible so I hope it will make my skin a lot smoother. I can't wait to use it.
The second item I got was the Vitamin E sink in moisture mask. The lady in the shop actually advised me to pick up a product of the Vitamin E range. So if you have dry skin like me then go for this range. I originally picked up something from the tea tree range but she told me that is better for more oily skin. I wanted a face mask that would add some moisture as my skin is really dry at the moment and looks  a bit dull.

Have any of you used these products?? Also if anyone has any Body Shop products they'd recommend let me know :)