Wish List- Sole Affair

Saturday, 10 January 2015

I am a shoe girl let's just make that known right now. I think shoes are a key piece to an outfit and can change up a look instantly. I was asked by Sole Affair to come up with a wish list featuring some pairs of shoes from their website. As you can imagine I was more than happy to search for items :). It was hard to narrow it down but I picked five pairs that I think would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.For me I'm all about black shoes. I very rarely venture into lighter colours as I'm all about keeping it classic with the colour but mixing it up with the style of shoe. However I have tried to mix it up with my choices.
At the moment I am loving chunky masculine looking shoes. I think paired with some skinny trousers creates such a nice look.  That's exactly why I chose the first pair the GRAFTON Chunky Cleated Platform Lace Up Ankle Boots. They have that Doc vibe about them and I feel like they fit with my style perfectly as well as being really practical to wear on a daily basis. I think these are my favourite pair of the lot if I had to choose.
The second pair The Duke Block Heel Chelsea boots I thought were beautiful. I actually prefer them in the antique red colour and think they would be a very subtle way of adding tones of colour to an outfit. I love the richness of oxblood red.  With the buckle detailing I feel they look delicate yet rugged at the same time. 
I also wanted to pick a couple of pairs of heels. I picked the Fox Black Metal Trim heels as I thought they were classic with a twist due to the gold trim. I like the overall shape of them and like how simple they are.
Okay how badass are the fourth pair! I love studs, I love the rock edgy vibe of them, they are just something else (can you tell I really like the Kitty studded boots...)
The final pair the white leather sandals I picked as I don't own white shoes and I liked the fact they are open toed. I think there's something quite elegant about them.

If you want stylish yet affordable shoes then Sole Affair is the place to look. Check them out here.

Which pair of shoes do you like the best??


  1. I love, love, love the first boots! The chunky heel on them is great!

    Carolyn x

    1. They're my favourite too. I'm in love with them :) Thanks for commenting x

  2. love these wishlist, I'm a shoe girl too and my eyes are just feasting on this list haha <3 love those Chelsea boots, they are just so chic