Dream vs. Reality Festival Fashion

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Images- Pinterest

Festivals in general are my favourite thing about summer. They're everything that I love, live music, people all together and just letting go and forgetting about the stresses that you go through. Festival fashion is such a diverse thing. I thought this post would be quite fun as I've collected photo's from Pinterest of what I would want to wear and look like in my head. Where as in reality you just can't get away with half the things at British festivals. There is no way any of the girls in the photo's above did a whole weekend at a festival. To look that pristine after 3/4 days of camping is just not bloody possible. If it is then what is there secret because I am dieing to know! Reality is everyone get's sweaty, dirty and wet from the rain that is bound to happen at some point. Here's my dream scenario of what I want to where and look like vs. reality:

*Maxi dresses
*Perfect beachy waves with head pieces and floral crowns
*Lots of jewellery
*Smelling fresh as a daisy
*Glowing skin

*Band tee's (not that I'm complaining about that)
*denim, lots of denim
*Chucking my hair up in a messy bun and wearing a floral crown to hide the fact that dry shampoo doesn't work for me
*Sweaty and dirty skin

Well whatever the case I have way too much planning outfits and can't wait to see what people come up with this year. I'm so excited for Reading now!!

Feeling A Bit Lost

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I would imagine this is the natural feeling most graduates have when they finish university. Going from knowing exactly what your doing each day and having a ton of work to do to nothing. You suddenly have this thing called free time and can have a moment to think. Third year for me was pretty intense and my stress took it's toll on me. I always moan when I have lots to do but then when I have nothing to do I get so bloody bored. And this is what I'm currently experiencing. I have bagged myself a part time job in a supermarket which I start my training on Thursday which I am so nervous about. All I find myself doing is wondering what's on TV (Jeremy Kyle and Judge Rinder are what I am watching... Yeah judge me cause I'm judging myself), daydreaming about how I would love to write these amazing blog posts with beautiful photos (but in reality I have no one to help me take any pictures) and job searching.
All I'm feeling currently is negative feelings, scared, lonely, worried, anxious I mean I could go on and on. I've always had a sort of structure to what I'm doing. Years and years of school knowing it's your summer holidays and then you start a fresh a new school year in September. Then once sixth form is finished bam here you are heading to university for three years which you think will be ages. But in reality it just flies by. I didn't really take it all in.
I've always said I can't wait to be an adult with my own money, a house etc. But that just seems so far away. Let's hope I start finding the swing of things soon, all I know is I have to escape this house. I need to start taking up walking.
Woo needed to get that off my chest clearly. I'll stop typing now, get a green tea and go listen to some happy tunes.

The Netflix Hype

Sunday, 19 July 2015


As I've had all the free time in the world lately I've discovered the joys of Netflix. I know what you're thinking bit late on the hype Katie. Well yeah that's pretty much the story of my life. I'm not cool enough to be up to date with anything. I've had Netflix for a little while but I've never really truly got into it. Now that has changed as I've discovered some new TV shows and some old seasons that I have loved rewatching. . I now see no better way of spending a lazy weekend/ everyday in my pyjamas, cup of green tea watching the vast amount of programmes available. This is probably due to the fact I'm in a current mood where I want to hide away from the world. Here are some of my current favourites programmes:

American Horror Story Coven
A series about witchcraft need I say any more. But in all seriousness this programme is incredible. Usually I hate any type of gore/ horror ask my mates I am such a wimp. But for some reason I can't get enough of American Horror Story. The acting is amazing, the effects and make up are incredible and the costumes are on point. With this season in particular I love how the witches have been styled I'm about half way through now and there's just so many twists and turns. My question is who is the next supreme??

M & S Summer Beauty Box

Thursday, 16 July 2015

So being back home now and sorting through the hideous amount of stuff I've collected over the past three years of university I should be chucking out a load of the mammoth amount of beauty products I seem to have. However my mother gifted me with this impressive summer beauty box from Marks & Spencers which she got free as she spent over a certain amount. For the products she got, it is a cracking deal. I'm yet to try out anything but it has everything for your summer essentials.

Apparently its important to have that 'summer glow', even though I know I need some colour in my life I am so bloody lazy when it comes to tanning. I'm all for embracing the pale however this year the sight of my pale legs has embarrassed me slightly. Within the box the tanning products you get are amplify daily gradual tan by Fake Bake and Overnight Tan Sleep Mask Tan Face by James Read. Lets hope they're not too dark, that's my idea of hell.

Sun Protection and Masks
You have to protect your skin from the sun if your on holiday, sunbathing in the garden or simply walking round your local town. But there is the inevitable fact that you probably will turn that awkward burnt shade of pink from time to time, I'm waiting for it to happen to me. Its so awkward walking round and someone says the inevitable you've caught the sun haven't you (oh yeah no kidding like I don't already know that...)The M&S Sun Smart After Sun is the ultimate product to help nourish your skin after catching some rays. Also there is the Ultrasun Face sun protection, which is also anti-ageing. I will probably have to start using anti- ageing products soon so I'll embrace it, but a sun screen for your face, perfection!
To give yourself a bit of indulgence there are a couple of mark products as well. The product I'm most excited to try out is the REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask. I've heard so many things about REN and from watching Claire Marshall's videos I've always wanted to give it a go. Please give me radiant beautiful looking skin. I'm really intrigued by the Philip Kingsley Swimcap as I never really thought about using a product to protect my scalp. It says its good for colour treated hair which doesn't concern me but still definitely going to try it out.

There are a selection of three Nail varnishes. From left to right:
Plush Pink, Butterfly Wings, I love Juicy
The names of the shades made me gag a little, to me its definitely the names of nail varnishes you'd buy when you were like 10, cringe factor is high. I'm not a massive pink lover but I will no doubt give em go and see how the colours turn out. Again painting my nails is a task I don't do very often as I can't be bothered half the time.

If you get anything from this post it's the fact I am lazy when it comes to beauty rituals... losing dramatic girl points right now.

Red Vibes

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Ramones T-shirt- Primark
Denim Jacket- New Look
Shorts- New Look
Sandals- New Look
This is a pretty New Look heavy outfit hmmm. It's been ages since I've done a proper outfit post but I felt like I wanted to share this one. Anyone that knows me is aware of how often I wear Ramones T-shirts and yes I do listen to them. The Ramones are one of my favourite bands. I guess I kind of collect their t-shirts and this one is the classic design. But the main focal point of this outfit is my red shorts. They just scream festival vibes to me with the pom poms and pattern on them. I love them and they're comfy too so it's just a bonus. Also they are great to just lounge about in at home. The denim jacket is a staple for me during summer, I am living in this one. I love the wash of this jacket and it has a little bit of distressing. My shoes I bought last year and now they are stating to become comfy. I've persisted with them as I think they are too pretty  to not wear (great logic by me as always).  

Being back at home after uni unemployed is a tad frustrating. I've managed to get a small costume making job but I need something regular really. I had a pretty fun week though. I got to see one of my uni friends Sade and we went to see the band Nothing But Thieves. Live they are amazing, check them out if you haven't.

Les Amies Anglaises

Friday, 10 July 2015


I love discovering new brands and when I received information about this particular label I knew I wanted to find out more. Les Amies Anglaises London specialise in creating high quality 100% silk tops with edgy twists. Describes as a “Prêt à Couture” label this unique label is perfect for city girls who want to show of their higher more experimental side. It's obvious the craftsmanship and detail that goes into each design and I think the outcomes are simply beautiful.

I've had the chance to speak to the founder of Les Amies Anglaises Oriana Abbondanza who told me some more information about the label and the inspiration behind my personal favourite design:
"I started LES AMIES ANGLAISES last year, I love vest tops and I wanted to create TOPS in beautiful silk chiffon material making a kind of Master piece for each of them, combining a so " easy to wear " piece as a top with the finesse of the Couture ( handmade, limited edition) therefore I called it a PRET A COUTURE LABEL.
The name LES AMIES ANGLAISES - THE ENGLISH FRIENDS, comes from the idea of my dual culture, Italian and French who met and " mixed" together when I moved to London".

My favourite design on the website is the Adastra which is a beautiful black sheer vest top that features heavy studding. This is the ultimate edgy top and I love the mixture of textures created. Oriana explained that the name Adastra comes from the Latin phrase Ad Astra which means to the stars. Her main inspiration was the sky's of summer nights in Rome (where she comes from) as it was full of stars. The studs represent the shining stars and reminded her of those skies she witnessed at home when walking through the iconic neighbourhood Trastevere. How cool is that!
I think the edginess of the designs for LAAL really captured my attention as they have that rock chick vibe about them, something that would naturally appeal to me. Check out the website to find out more and see which design you love the best. Les Amies Anglaises exudes couture, high quality and fun.

My Costume Website

Friday, 3 July 2015

So now I've finished uni and all I am a bit lost with literally nothing to do. I've spent a bit of time tweaking the website I created a couple of months ago. Anyways I just wanted to quickly write a post saying my costume website is now live and I would love if any of you had some free time to check it out. I know plugs are annoying and all but it would mean a lot. You can get a sense of what I've been up to and learnt over the past three years.
I want to eventually become a freelance costume maker, so if any of you ever want anything made don't threat to contact me.
My website is linked under costume in the navigation bar at the top or you can click the link below.

Hope you've all had a great week soaking up the heat if you're in the UK.