So Long 2014

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Time to say goodbye to 2014. I've mentioned this before but I'm not a huge fan of New Year. Don't get me wrong I do love going out having a drink on New Years Eve but it's just New Years Day. I get the blues that day majorly I think it's because the excitement of Christmas is over, I don't know. Me and the 1st of January have just never got on. And this year I have to work as well (can I just point out I've been put on tills but haven't been properly till trained). That's going to be interesting. I'm so scared!
This year hasn't really been all that exciting. It's mainly consisted of completing second year and having a somewhat uneventful summer.
Well I'm making sure 2015 is much better. It's going to be a big year for me! A new addition to my family (a baby nephew) is such an exciting thought and around the time of my 21st birthday. I guess becoming 21 is a big deal as well ,that's a special birthday right?? And I'll be graduating from university (HOW?!?!).

I do set myself goals. I wrote about this last year and I guarantee they are going to be the same:

*I need a more positive outlook on most things.
*I want to become healthier and feel better within myself. I've been slacking loads recently in terms of my eating and exercising and I'm really starting to feel it now.
*I want to go on a holiday. I don't even remember the last time I went on a relaxing holiday somewhere hot but if I don't go away this year I am going to go mad 
*I'd also like to meet some new people

As for this little blog well 2014 is the start of this. I actually posted a lot during the year and have fallen in love with it. The fact I've nearly reached 100 followers on BlogLovin is mad. I didn't think I'd even get 10 so it's wicked haha. I also feel like there are certain people I've kind of bonded with on here as they comment on a lot of my posts and I really appreciate it :)

Wherever you are I hope you have an amazing New Year and here's to 2015 *holds up imaginary champagne glass*

What I got for Christmas 2014

Sunday, 28 December 2014



Well Christmas has come and gone. I swear it always goes way too quickly. I had a rather chilled out Christmas this year spent the day with my family at home which was really nice. It consisted of pushing my stomach to the limit by eating as much food as possible, watching Mrs Browns Boys the movie (it was shit) and playing board games. Why don't families play board games more often?? I think its one of the most enjoyable things to do as it's just so funny. Maybe that's due to the fact my family are extremely competitive. It's also a Christmas of anticipation as next year I'll have a lovely little nephew, I can't wait.
I was extremely surprised with the amount of presents I received and I'm so so grateful to both my family and friends. I think these photo's sum up the mixture of things I like. I also received some money which will be handy. Should probably put it towards some stuff for uni. However some of it will go towards pre ordering Enter Shikari's new album.

Oh and it's a tradition for me to get a Zac Efron calendar every year. I may have a bit of a crush on him ... biggest understatement ever!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!

Don't need any more coats in my life...

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

 Coat- Primark
Jumper- New Look
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- New Look
Necklace- Primark
 Or apparently I do as yet another one has crept into my collection. My love for coats need to be controlled at some point but I just can't stop. I just think they make any outfit so classy and put together even if your having a I can't be bothered with life day (which I have probably too often).
I saw this Primark number featured a while back on lots of Youtube videos and blog posts so I guess I'm pretty late in joining the party. But it was on sale at my local Primark and I got it for a very nice £20. Yep I know I couldn't believe it myself. Its this beautiful brushed check grey coat. It does come up quite big as I had to size down and it's still a bit roomy. But I guess that's the oversized style of it.. I love the rich tones of colour within the check pattern. It has pockets too which I need in my life, I always put my hands in my pockets whilst out and about. Also loving the ribbed effect grey jumper I bought from New Look last week. It's simple and easy to wear. I'm loving grey at the moment. I wanted to wear a skirt today so I paired my black skater skirt and I like the look of them together. And then of course my black loafers which I have lived in since I bought them back in October.
I just had to take a photo of my Santa mug as it's too adorable. Time for lots of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. So I'm currently working on my dissertation for uni whilst repeatedly listening to These Days by Take That. I'm not ashamed to say I'm partial to a bit of Take That, they have bought out some tunes. I helped my mum go Christmas food shopping this morning, it's starting to get manic but I think we're pretty much sorted now.  2 days till Christmas day!! :D
Apologies for the somewhat terrible background in these photos I don't have an actual bedroom at home currently as we're redecorating and rooms are just full of junk right now. I snuck into my parents bed room but that's got bin liners and stuff everywhere too argh. I really need to pluck up the courage to ask someone to take some photos outside (one day...).
Come on, who's got a coat addiction like me? I cannot be alone.

Red is Taking over

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Can you believe that Christmas is literally days away. I haven't actually managed to get into the festive spirit as much as I would have liked this year (i.e haven't been to Winter Wonderland or visited any form of Christmas markets). It's not going to spoil my Christmas though, I'm definitely using it too much as an excuse for the amount of food I've consumed the past couple of weeks *guilty as charged*.

 I  don't know whether it's due to the festive day of the year approaching but I've found myself bringing more red into my life. I even donned a red lipstick recently when I went out for a meal with my family. I have never really wore a proper lipstick as I feel like I look a bit silly. I bought a red lipstick ages ago by Maybelline in the shade Hollywood Red which I did a post about ages ago. However it never stayed on my lips and I always heard that getting a lip liner is the key. I looked at the MUA stand in Superdrug whilst trying to kill some time before I started a late shift at work. I found this red lip liner for £1 in the shade brooding plum and I think it does the job perfectly. And for a pound.. bargain. It stayed on through me drinking and eating which really impressed me. I really now am starting to love the look of red lips with my dark hair colour. It was one of those moments were I just thought f**k it! (I apologise for the state of my face in the photos, I'm having a major breakout at the moment and not loving life)
One of my favourite bags I have ever purchased is my burgundy satchel from Asos. I got this last year after falling in love with it. Not to brag but quite a few people have asked where I got it from and not gonna lie that makes me feel really good haha. For once I have something that seems to be fashionable to others :P. I fell in love with the scalloped edge and metallic detailing. I think it's the perfect bag from Autumn/ Winter and its roomy too which is good if your like me. Literally chuck in whatever I can. Oh I also included a Barry M nail varnish I'm loving right now the shade is Retro Red. It's like a metallic rich red that I think is perfect for this time of year.

Red is literally taking over my life right now. Maybe this is the start of me venturing into bolder make up looks... what is happening to me?!?

Current Favourite Jewellery

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I am one of those people where I go through phases of wearing jewellery. It even comes to the point where I sometime forget to wear earrings (I'm terrible). Currently I am loving certain pieces of jewellery and thought I would share them. The newest addition to my collection is a bracelet from Asos that has a really cute moon and stars metal plate on. It was really inexpensive and I feel it fits in with my 'style' at the moment. Obviously I am interested in like the witchy style so I feel like my interest in moons links to that. I have also photographed the combination of rings I have been wearing since summer. I bought the purple stoned ring from the Knit and Stitch exhibition last December and brings back memories of a fun day with my mum. It feels nostalgic wearing it. And then again I have a midi ring with the moon and star on it. Midi rings are a trend I thought I would never like but here I am now having bought four. The glass heart shaped container also means a lot to me as it was my Nan's, anything I can own that belong to my family members of course means so much. Guess I'm feeling the family vibes as it is nearing the festive season and all.


Christmas Tree is up.... finally!

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Bit keen in my Santa hat
Christmas tree is up, took our time hey. I've just come back from university for the Christmas break and my parents were kind enough to put the tree up but let me decorate it. I'm a big lover of decorating the house I find it so much fun. I of course have to don a Santa hat cause that's the rules (well my rule haha). Its so much fun rummaging through the box of decorations that are kept in the loft all year. We have such random hanging decorations that consist of skulls and the random decorations my friend Charlotte has bought  back from America.
I am so excited to be home it's my favourite time of the year. Trying to forget the fact I have to travel back to my uni house to go to work for a few shifts. Hoping I get to catch up with friends, head to Winter Wonderland at some point and just have a bit of chill out time.
Here's hoping.


The Christmas Jumper

Friday, 12 December 2014

 If you haven't seen Christmas jumpers around then I don't know where you've been hiding. They are literally everywhere. Today is Christmas Jumper day here in the UK. It's a fun way to get festive whilst staying warm. Both extremely important things to me! :)
There are so many Christmas jumpers to choose from that it's quite hard to select. I'm very particular about the jumpers I like. It's one of those cases where I know when I see it if it's right for me. However I actually have to thank my lovely mother for this jumper. She saw it in Asda and thought I would like it. Think she's aware I have a thing for navy blue right now. It's a really sweet cosy jumper that features a gingerbread man and woman (is that what a female version of a gingerbread man called??). It has a bell on it which jingles every time I move. It also has a red snowflake pattern around the neck and sleeves. It's tacky but not in an obvious way. Not that I'm knocking a tacky jumper, I love em. I love the colours and I just think it's really really cute. I am definitely someone who wears a Christmas jumper on Christmas day. I would love to get dressed up but I never do.
Yep I am wearing my pyjama bottoms in the photo's. I just want to be comfy right now. I went into uni this morning for a whole hour just to pick up a few things and prepare the mountain of work I have to do over my Christmas break. I am now packing up my things getting ready to go home. The end of this term felt like it's gone so slowly. I only wish I was going home today but I have work till half 6 tomorrow night so have to wait till then. Work problems eh.

What stores are you guys loving for Christmas Jumpers??

Lower Than Atlantis 08.12.14

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Another month another gig haha. This was a really exciting one for me as I haven't actually seen these guys before at a gig. I saw them at Reading but I didn't really know who they were. Lower Than Atlantis is a name that has popped up a few times whilst living back at home as they are from my hometown of Watford. During the summer I went on a listening spree and instantly fell for their laid back attitude and catchy tunes. I would highly recommend their new album its so easy to listen to but each song is completely different which is so rare to hear. My personal favourite as I've said before is Here We Go, I'm always attracted to the heavier sounding songs. I literally had no idea what to expect. I find it fascinating going to majority of the gigs I do as I always get looked at as if to say 'what are you doing here' usually by really young teenage girls that literally look like clones of each other. I love dressing in a way that's not like everyone else because people instantly think I don't know who the band are. Definite case of never judge a book by it's cover.
They played a mix of old and new songs which was nice and from start to end the crowd really seemed to love it. I felt like the time they played went far too quickly as before I knew it they'd finished. Mike the singer definitely knows how to get a crowd going and I think he's jokes. Some of the lines he came out with...too funny. Lots of festive tunes being played too as it was a Christmas party after all. Missed my chance to wear my Christmas jumper dammit. Both myself and Lizzie were left feeling happy as both out favourite songs were played.

The day as a whole was fun. I got to catch up with one of my closest friends Lizzie who I don't get to see that often. She is honestly so much fun to hang out with and can make me laugh constantly. We walked around Covent Garden and it's so pretty at Christmas time. If you get the chance to go then do it! She took me to Wagamams for the first time so soo good. I had the chicken katsu curry it was amazing. We then walked around the shops. And can I just say I didn't buy anything, round of applause for me. We went to MAC and it was so hard not to buy anything but I resisted spotted a few things I will get my hands on soon.
I don't know why but it felt weird seeing people from your hometown doing so well, I guess I think that I've probably walked past them and not had a clue who they were haha.. Last week of uni before Christmas break get me home now :)

The Christmas Candy Box

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I don't know if I'm alone on this but I struggle with thinking up ideas for presents. How people can just think of present straight away is beyond me. I think my problem is I think about it a little too much. I'm just incapable of thinking up nice ideas and get the generic gift ideas. This year I'm trying really hard to come up with gifts that are thoughtful whilst on a student friendly budget.
   I ventured to Westfield in Stratford last week to see if I could pick up the last few bits I needed. It  was a little bit of a fail in all honesty. The fact I don't have a lot of money right now probably contributed to it. I guess I had one of those days where I wasn't in the shopping mood. One shop that was on point was Lush. I've bought a gift set from there before and figured it was a good call. They do so many amazing gift boxes filled with really nice products from their range. I decided to pick up the Christmas Candy box mainly due to a name of a product which I know for a fact the person receiving it will appreciate. There's some thought in it I guess haha :)

  The packaging is lovely and consists of pink swirly paper with a green bow. Plus the label which shows of the products within the box. I obviously can't open the box as it's a gift but I've done a close up of the label so you can see what's inside. There is candy mountain, rock star, butter bear and snow fairy. And I want to say how nice the man who served me was, seriously he is an expert at customer service he was lovely. I left the store with such a smile on my face it was embarrassing. I just don't think there is enough positive people around lately so it was a nice surprise. I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. I still need to get my best friend something argh. I am loving the gift guide blog posts and videos around this year I've got some great ideas from seeing them. The internet has been a big help!

The Heels for Party Season

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


It's officially December which means Christmas is only around the corner. Am I the only one questioning where has this year gone?? Christmas no doubt is known as party season meaning everyone gets a bit more glammed up and adds a bit more sparkle to their lives than usual. I love a bit of sparkle all year round but December is the time to fully embrace glitter, embellishment and full on glam. The fact is I'm not a major party goer purely cause there is not time for me to go out. Plus the area which I live in at University is terrible in terms of a social life. No clubs or anything like that. So I'm hoping during my Christmas break when I get to go home I'll be hitting the town a little bit. Katie needs some form of social life I'm 20 for crying out loud. Seriously I'm so bored of not going out I need to dare I say it 'let my hair down'.
   Not only do I want to go out to experience what it's like to be young still (I'm such a old woman at heart) I also want to show off a pair of new heels I have somehow managed to get from New Look. I swear my finger did not mean to click the buy button :/, I couldn't leave them though they are far too beautiful. It was one of those cases where every time I would go into New Look I picked them up held them for a bit and painfully put them back. I love a bit of embellishment and beads in particular I appreciate. It's actually the main theme of my third year project. When I saw these shoes I immediately thought Great Gatsby and the 1920's. What a decade that was!! They are these beautiful black block heel strappy sandals with beads covering the entire heel. I just cannot stop looking at them. I only really buy heels from New Look as they seem to suit my feet and comfort needs perfectly. I know these come in silver and pink as well but I just had to go with the black. These will instantly jazz up any outfit. I'm thinking they'll go perfectly with a LBD.
   I'm starting to feel very festive now. We did Secret Santa in my class. Not gonna lie I'm pretty proud of the present I got. I mean I made my friend smile when she opened it. As cliché as it sounds that's the best reaction I could have asked for. We went to Toby Carvery for dinner and I was so stuffed. The Christmas tunes are in full swing and Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is on repeat right now. I don't even have an advent calendar what is life.
I really want to see what Christmasy things are on in London and explore them. Hoping to crack out some more festive blog posts over the next few weeks.