Current Favourite Jewellery

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I am one of those people where I go through phases of wearing jewellery. It even comes to the point where I sometime forget to wear earrings (I'm terrible). Currently I am loving certain pieces of jewellery and thought I would share them. The newest addition to my collection is a bracelet from Asos that has a really cute moon and stars metal plate on. It was really inexpensive and I feel it fits in with my 'style' at the moment. Obviously I am interested in like the witchy style so I feel like my interest in moons links to that. I have also photographed the combination of rings I have been wearing since summer. I bought the purple stoned ring from the Knit and Stitch exhibition last December and brings back memories of a fun day with my mum. It feels nostalgic wearing it. And then again I have a midi ring with the moon and star on it. Midi rings are a trend I thought I would never like but here I am now having bought four. The glass heart shaped container also means a lot to me as it was my Nan's, anything I can own that belong to my family members of course means so much. Guess I'm feeling the family vibes as it is nearing the festive season and all.



  1. I always go through phases of wearingn and not wearing jewellery, I usually never take my earrings out, I just wear little sterling silver hoops so it's okay - and then I never have to remember to put them in aha! I love the little moon and star midi ring!

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    1. I really want to find some little silver hoops I can't find any that are small enough aha. Thanks for commenting :) x