So Long 2014

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Time to say goodbye to 2014. I've mentioned this before but I'm not a huge fan of New Year. Don't get me wrong I do love going out having a drink on New Years Eve but it's just New Years Day. I get the blues that day majorly I think it's because the excitement of Christmas is over, I don't know. Me and the 1st of January have just never got on. And this year I have to work as well (can I just point out I've been put on tills but haven't been properly till trained). That's going to be interesting. I'm so scared!
This year hasn't really been all that exciting. It's mainly consisted of completing second year and having a somewhat uneventful summer.
Well I'm making sure 2015 is much better. It's going to be a big year for me! A new addition to my family (a baby nephew) is such an exciting thought and around the time of my 21st birthday. I guess becoming 21 is a big deal as well ,that's a special birthday right?? And I'll be graduating from university (HOW?!?!).

I do set myself goals. I wrote about this last year and I guarantee they are going to be the same:

*I need a more positive outlook on most things.
*I want to become healthier and feel better within myself. I've been slacking loads recently in terms of my eating and exercising and I'm really starting to feel it now.
*I want to go on a holiday. I don't even remember the last time I went on a relaxing holiday somewhere hot but if I don't go away this year I am going to go mad 
*I'd also like to meet some new people

As for this little blog well 2014 is the start of this. I actually posted a lot during the year and have fallen in love with it. The fact I've nearly reached 100 followers on BlogLovin is mad. I didn't think I'd even get 10 so it's wicked haha. I also feel like there are certain people I've kind of bonded with on here as they comment on a lot of my posts and I really appreciate it :)

Wherever you are I hope you have an amazing New Year and here's to 2015 *holds up imaginary champagne glass*

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