The Christmas Candy Box

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I don't know if I'm alone on this but I struggle with thinking up ideas for presents. How people can just think of present straight away is beyond me. I think my problem is I think about it a little too much. I'm just incapable of thinking up nice ideas and get the generic gift ideas. This year I'm trying really hard to come up with gifts that are thoughtful whilst on a student friendly budget.
   I ventured to Westfield in Stratford last week to see if I could pick up the last few bits I needed. It  was a little bit of a fail in all honesty. The fact I don't have a lot of money right now probably contributed to it. I guess I had one of those days where I wasn't in the shopping mood. One shop that was on point was Lush. I've bought a gift set from there before and figured it was a good call. They do so many amazing gift boxes filled with really nice products from their range. I decided to pick up the Christmas Candy box mainly due to a name of a product which I know for a fact the person receiving it will appreciate. There's some thought in it I guess haha :)

  The packaging is lovely and consists of pink swirly paper with a green bow. Plus the label which shows of the products within the box. I obviously can't open the box as it's a gift but I've done a close up of the label so you can see what's inside. There is candy mountain, rock star, butter bear and snow fairy. And I want to say how nice the man who served me was, seriously he is an expert at customer service he was lovely. I left the store with such a smile on my face it was embarrassing. I just don't think there is enough positive people around lately so it was a nice surprise. I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. I still need to get my best friend something argh. I am loving the gift guide blog posts and videos around this year I've got some great ideas from seeing them. The internet has been a big help!

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