Going on a Clean & Clear Frenzy

Monday, 28 September 2015

My skin at the moment is well to put it nicely not happy at all. I've needed to up my skincare as I want a bit of life back in my face. So whilst going on the dreaded food shop with the mother I came across a load of clean and clear products. I've been using the dual action moisturiser for quite a while as my daily moisturiser for my face and I absolutely love it.
I picked up three more products and thought I would give them ago. Firstly I was running out of a face wash so I chose the deep action cream wash as it described as cleaning down to the pores for really clear skin., something which I'm wanting so bad. I really like the creamy texture of this face wash and it feels really fresh on my skin. It always tingles slightly but not in a bad way, I guess it just awakens me. So far I really like it. The deep cleansing lotion I thought would be good to use particularly just before going to bed as my skin never feels fully clear at night. I literally put this on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. I'm trying to remember doing it every night as this all new for me but yeah I like how it feels on my skin. Also its for sensitive skin so doesn't irritate it at all. The final product I got was the advantage spot control treatment gel as I've been breaking out a lot on my chin lately. Hoping this will work some wonders on my face.

I'm obviously becoming a bit of a fan of Clean & Clear at the moment. I'm enjoying using new products, just hope my skin enjoys it too!

The Handbag Essentials

Thursday, 17 September 2015

 Bag- Asos from a couple of years ago. As its Burgundy I immediately associate it with Autumn.

Right be honest, hands up if you carry way more then you need in your handbag. *guilty as charged*. I've always been a big handbag kind of girl, I don't know I just like to have a lot of stuff particularly if I'm venturing up London which is quite often lately. Let's just say its mainly for freelance costume related work which is exciting. Please someone give me a full time costume making job, I'm desperate here. Seriously I hate the retail life.

I mean you have the usual stuff like my phone. Actually side note I'm quite disgusted with how reliant I have become on my phone, I check it all the sodding time. Katie you gotta leave it alone you don't actually have that many friends. The purse for obvious reasons, buying stuff you can't afford. The house keys that have so many pointless and annoying key rings. Believe it or not I have one key amidst the mess that is my keys. Why do I need all the key rings I don't know. And my iPod as this music junkie needs her fix, yeah I know it's cooler and more up to date to use your phone but I love having an iPod.
I don't know how I've gone without a compact mirror for so long. Since I bought one for Reading festival it's constantly in my bag as I just have to check if I look like I should be allowed out in public.

Lipstick and lip liner seem to be the two make up items that wonder into my bag, I seem to be becoming more of a woman as I have started to redo my makeup whilst I'm out. I've turned into one of those women who sit on the train checking their make up and reapplying their lipstick. I used to sit and stare and wonder why they bother. But now I'm that person. My how times have changed. Also that just made me sound like such a creep... moving on! Either Crosswires or Kinda Sexy by MAC are the two lipsticks that are always in whatever bag I take out along with an Essence lip liner in the shade Wish Me A Rose.
A small bottle of perfume as I'm always paranoid I don't smell nice. Plus getting on  the tube equals warmth mixed with crowds of body heat so you got to freshen up. Now do all the judging you like but I carry a bottle of Avon perfume from the Strictly Come Dancing range called Strictly fabulous. It smells amazing. I'm so excited Strictly is back on the TV, another reason to love Autumn.
Finally my trusty notebook. I'm terrible at organising things. I'm the girl that always has a diary that never gets written in. My bat notebook from Ikea is an obvious favourite due to its gothic/ Halloween vibes and the memory of my first trip to Ikea. I write notes to do with work such as costume fittings and blog ideas if I'm ever on a longish train journey.

I feel like I need to read up on my photography skills, they are lacking something recently...

Autumn Wishlist- New Look

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I think I have a problem as I am seriously addicted to New Look currently. I've found a few pieces on there lately that I really want to get my hands on. So I thought I would share them with you lovely lot. Oh and I have a feeling there may be quite a few wish list posts as Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year.
The shoes are everything I love... black, chunky, lace up like a dream. Also being pointy I really feel they give off witchy vibes which you know I am obsessed with. They're currently on sale so I think it's inevitable that they'll be purchased soon. The suede duffle bag I am in love with. Purple is my favourite colour and this is very different to any bag I've bought in the past. A tartan scarf because it's essential to buy at least one every year :/. The purple blanket wrap I think is perfect for Autumn its not too thick but it'll be nice to throw on with any outfit. On the website there is a grunge style section which I was immediately drawn too. And from that range I loved the black long sleeved dress. It'd be easy to wear and I love the placket detailing on the front. I don't own enough skirts so I feel the black corduroy one would be a perfect addition adding a  bit of texture.

I can see the outfits emerging!

I've Somehow Graduated

Saturday, 12 September 2015

So this really means the end to university life. Yesterday I went back to my university (Rose Bruford)and had my graduation. Its weird to think right at the start me and my housemate were literally saying we don't think we're going to be able to do it. But here we are three years later having a degree and having to wave goodbye. It's sad to think that part of my life is now over and I can't go back and relive them. If I could I would happily do the course again even though I stressed and cried a lot. Its cause I cared. The girls in my class (known as the stitch bitches) are just incredible and they've just bought so many happy memories into my life. I mean what am I going to do without our gossiping sessions and saying tune to when a classic song comes on the radio.
I'll miss Lucy's Nigel Thornberry impression, Sade's laughing fits when to the point where she cries, Becca talking about weddings, Anna getting excited about anything to do with Phantom, laughing with Lou if someone burps, Caroline going on her rants I could go on and on really. Lets just say I'm gonna miss all of the girls!!
It was an amazing day spending time my family. For the first time in my life I can say that I'm actually proud of myself. I'm leaving with a BA Hons in Costume Production.

I of course wore all black as my tutor thinks I'm a bit of a goth, she isn't wrong to be fair. Tested out my new shoes from New Look I love them but damn my feet hurt now. But enough about my outfit check out my little nephew Alfie's outfit, by far the best dressed person at the whole ceremony. 

MAC Diva The Perfect Berry Lip

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

As Autumn is approaching (cue me getting really excited) I have decided that I need to switch things up a bit. I plan to apply this to all aspects of my life. But for now lets begin with make up. Lately I've been well lets say lazy with beauty, practically wearing the same look for months now. Well no more Katie you need to branch out a bit more. And to start with I'm finally trying out an Autumn trend that has been popular for years, the berry lip. Plus I purchased another MAC lipstick, three and counting guys, check me out!


MAC stores kind of terrify me. The staff have always been pleasant whenever I've ventured into a store but there's just always so many people and it's a tad overwhelming at times. Plus half the time I have no idea what I am looking for and all I want to do is simply browse. I had a sudden spontaneous moment went into the store in Covent Garden and found the perfect berry shade to begin experimenting with. I'm a sucker for a matte lip so I just had to try out Diva. It's a beautiful deep berry red and let's just say ladies and gentleman I think I may have fallen in love. I never thought I'd ever like a dark lip colour on me. But you know what I don't think it looks that bad. To make life a bit easier when applying I've been using the detailer brush by Real Techniques to apply an outline to the lips and then filling it in. I'm not skilled enough to go freehand! It's soft, has amazing colour and isn't drying at all.

Even my dad complimented this lipstick and to get a compliment is a rarity. Seems everyone loves a bit of a Diva, pun fully intended.

What other berry lipsticks would you recommend?? I can see a dangerous obsession beginning.

My First Pay Day Treats

Friday, 4 September 2015


So I experienced my first payday a couple of weeks ago and it was a glorious feeling. I feel like I should really be saving at the moment but I just felt like I wanted to experience treating myself with money I'd earned.
I can finally start celebrating the fact Autumn is well on it's way which means one thing, my favourite time of the year is fast approaching (Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas). And of course its going to be coat weather soon, hell to the yeah. New Look are always on point lets be honest but I've found some real gems lately. So I just had to share two items I've got recently.
A camel trench coat is something I have wanted for months. I was randomly people watching whilst waiting for a train c'mon we all do it. Going off topic I saw a girl walk past wearing a trench coat and I just instantly wanted one. Camel isn't a colour I wear a lot but it's something I want to embrace more. I feel like it's a classic piece that will make me look like I've put more effort into throwing together my usual attire of a t-shirt and jeans. I will have to do an outfit post with this soon.
Black shoes, like I don't have enough in my wardrobe. I don't buy heels too often as quite frankly I don't go out anywhere... the most boring 21 year old right. But I saw these shoes on the website with vampy in the title. Now if I could pick any word to describe myself in a perfect world vampy would be it even thought that's not true. But just look how pretty they are man! Peep toe, leather look, chunky heel everything I want. I cannot wait to wear these to my graduation!

September is here, the leaves will start falling. Whilst everyone has the summer blues I'm hopefully going to start to get a little happier.