Mint and Metallic

Saturday, 25 March 2017

I may have slightly lost the plot and I know my boyfriend will absolutely hate these but I haven't been this excited about buying a pair of shoes (I know how pathetic I sound) in a very long time. Lately I've been pretty boring with my whole 'style' as I'm not happy with my body. Everyone says fashion is about what you want to wear which I completely agree with. However at the end of the day I don't want to draw attention to myself if I hate the way I look. So I've been living in a baggy top and leggings nightmare and I really want to discover my old self again, which means starting to love putting outfits together.

Now I am a shoe girl at heart, I just love them. So I thought I would have a little look on the River Island website randomly and came across these gorgeous metallic mint green loafers and I just couldn't resist. My theory was simple - if I'm wearing dull outfits that I feel rubbish in then I need a jazzy pair of shoes to cheer me up. See a completely justified purchase...
Metallic shoes seem to be everywhere at the moment so I thought I would try a fun way to include the trend into my wardrobe. And with spring on the way I just want to wear some more colour. I've also seen a pair of metallic purple shoes from Primark which I would love to get my hands on.

I'm having a really productive Saturday morning and I'm just so grateful to have weekends off again like normal people. What do you guys think I should pair these shoes with??

Lanzarote Photo Diary

Friday, 3 March 2017

Here I am with another little holiday photo diary. There were many years where I didn't go away once and it got to the point where I was going insane and needed a break away. I've been fortunate enough to go on a couple of holidays over the last year and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to experience a few days away. I was lucky enough to be invited to go to Lanzarote with my boyfriend and his family for a week. 
I wanted to experience a week of blue skies, sun and just pure relaxation. I sort of got that... minus getting sunburnt on the first day and then catching the flu on the second day and it lasting the whole week I was there. But I still had an amazing time and I would love to go back.