Missguided Wishlist

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Oh Missguided you always bring out pieces I love when funds are low. I'm loving the New In section and found some items I am dyeing to have in my wardrobe!! In particular the black lace up shirt dress and the black suede lace up shorts. They just scream cool and witchy vibes to me. I'm lacking on the dress front so found a couple that I really enjoyed. I love bandana prints so the red midi instantly caught my eye. I might not be able to wear it due to the strappy back but never the less I love it. And the white lace floaty dress is so cute and dainty perfect for the summer. Pink... it's not my favourite colour but these suede shorts I think are lovely and would add something different to my usual monochrome outfits.
If someone could lend me some money to make a cheeky order then that would be lovely, seriously I got to have that lace up dress haha.
Currently having the most manic weekend sewing like crazy. I'm tired, feel ill and have blisters on my hands. Its never ending. Only 4 weeks left of university, I wish time would just stop going so damn quickly.

Slam Dunk Festival 2015

Monday, 25 May 2015


I'd never been to Slam Dunk before so I kind of didn't know what to expect. Slam Dunk is a day festival that tours the UK playing in the North and South. I of course went to the South day in Hatfield at the University of Hertfordshire (home sweet home, well its kind of up the road from Watford). To me it's a mini version of what I would imagine Download festival to be like. Lizzie and I arrived a little late *2 hours* so we didn't know what was happening and tried to locate each stage. We ended up spending most of our time at the main stage as that was where the bands we both like were playing.

Little Update #3

Sunday, 24 May 2015

I haven't written one of these in a very long time. There's a lot going on currently with the end of my university journey looming and trying to fit everything in my blog posts have been lacking. But here's what's been happening with me

1. I need to venture to the seaside more often. A couple of weeks ago I went to Brighton to spend the day with my sister and her girlfriend and it was so nice to have a change of scenery. I don't live near the coast so I don't get to appreciate the sea air a lot of the time. As cliché as it sounds I just simply love sitting looking out at the sea, there's something so soothing about it. Plus Brighton is just a gorgeous place to explore.

2.My list of things to do is ever growing and all I want is a night out.

3. I have 5 weeks, yes only 5 weeks left of university. I don't know where the time has gone, it's mental! I have to start the job hunting, it's a struggle to find anything currently.

4.So many nice summer clothes at the moment especially in the holiday sections. I so wish I was going away somewhere. I'm not in my happiest place due to my weight. I've basically had a pretty shit couple of months in terms of my personal life and food unfortunately is my comfort. I'm going to change this somehow some way

5. I'm off to Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield today with my friend Lizzie and I am so excited! Looking forward to hopefully seeing Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco. Expecting to be surrounded by teenagers and not fit in at all, just like normal then.

There really ain't no Party like an S Club Party

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Don't worry I haven't gone mad. When I was little S Club 7 were my life, I was obsessed with them. They were the band that I wanted to be in. I'd listen repeatedly, always watch their music videos/TV programmes/ films and heck I even collected every issue of the magazine they use to do. Aw glory days!! So when they reunited for Children in Need back in November and announced they were touring I just had to go. I never got to see them as a kid so I was not missing out on this. And let me say that they still got it.
Now I never get lucky with anything but somehow crazily our tickets were upgraded from sitting at the top of the O2 to the floor. Like seriously when does that even happen?? I honestly thought it was a joke but soon I was walking down the stairs and grabbing some amazing seats. All of the classic songs were played like S Club Party, Don't Stop Movin, Bring it All Back, Two In a Million, I literally could go on and on.  I immediately remembered the words to pretty much every song. They even threw in a version of Uptown Funk and some solo's (my highlight being Rachel Stevens singing Sweet Dreams My LA Ex). Love that song! I'm paying now as I'm not feeling great and my throat really hurts but so worth it.

Also that day I went to Oxford Circus with my friend Sade and we went to the new Lush store. Three floors of Lush!! It is simply breath-taking. There's even an installation showcasing some of their new scents hence the photograph above. I cant wait to go back and pick up some items.

Such a hectic day but so much fun. Being able to remember the joy I use to get when listening to this band as a young girl and to still have as much fun now is pretty cool. They don't make pop music like they use to back in the early 2000's.

The Michael Kors Watch

Sunday, 17 May 2015

This is probably the most expensive thing I own, so its very precious to me. I was kindly gifted this baby blue Michael Kors MK6138 Parker watch for my 21st birthday by my mum and dad. I know that your 21st is supposed to be a special birthday but I really struggled with what I wanted to get. I felt guilty whatever I asked for because I don't feel like I deserve a big amount of money to be spent on me. Before receiving this I never wore a watch, maybe briefly when I was a teenager but it was years ago! But I now wear this watch every single day and feel weird if I don't.  I definitely prefer silver tones to gold so I felt this watch suited me perfectly. I love the baby blue shade and the subtle detailing on it. It's quite 'blingy' for me but very girl likes a bit of sparkle right... Not going to lie  ability to read a clock face has been tested. We're all so reliant on our phones that I think majority of us are used to digital clocks, I am so guilty of this.

A rather short post from me today. I'm currently having a chilled Sunday, very rare nowadays. Have had a rather exciting weekend which I will explain more hopefully some point this week.

My Face Agree's with these two

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I'm lazy with skin care that's a fact. I know I know I tell myself off all the time. I am unfortunately one of those people that think it's acceptable to use a face wipe even though it's not great for you. I just want quick solutions, especially at night when I know all I want to do is go to bed. However I am trying to look after my skin a bit more and have found two products I really have fallen for.

House of Fraser sponsors the BAFTAs

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Shirt- Ted Baker from House of Fraser*
Blazer- Baronjon (Milan Collection)
Jeans- Topman
Brogues- TK Maxx
 The British Academy Television Awards or as most people know it the BAFTAs takes place this month and the title sponsor for them is House of Fraser. They will be dressing the nominees and putting on events informing everyone on all of the latest information on the run up to the big event.

When it comes to ultra glam red carpet events it always seems to be the women that seem to get all of the attention for what they are wearing. With stunning gowns and lots of bling everyone wants to know which designer is splashed all over them. However what about the men, looking dapper in there pristine suits it's time to focus on what the men wear.

Looking at men's choices from previous red carpet events I seem to be drawn to two factors colour and texture. I like the outfits that aren't just the simple monochrome tuxedos. Don't get me wrong many men can pull them off so well but why not be a little different, add some sparkle or a splash of colour. I'm not talking bright neon's but the darker richer shades of reds and purples seem to be my personal favourites.

House of Fraser are a big name when it comes to department stores in the UK and have a huge range of formal wear that will be showcased on all of the nominees on the big night. In particular they have an impressive range of shirts from various designers ranging in price, colour and pattern. Seriously whether your looking for the most prestigious of occasions or for a casual night out there is something to fit your needs. So lads your truly spoilt for choice. Check out the range here.

To celebrate being the official sponsors of the BAFTAs House of Fraser challenged me to create a look of my own that I would consider fit for the red carpet/smart event and see how easy it is to style up one of the shirts available from their range. I managed to convince my good friend Tom into modelling the outfit I put together, although I say convincing it didn't take much for him to say yes.
I went for the theme 'smart casual' as I thought it would be more of a challenge. For the shirt I picked a beautiful slim fit Ted Baker number. The fit of it is really nice and the small spot print doesn't make the shirt too in your face. And the quality oh my, it's so good. The dark shade of colour I believe makes it really easy to pair with any items. To add a bit more of a casual twist I decided to go with some skinny jeans from Topman and as they are black it doesn't really look obvious that they are jeans. However you have to smarten it up if your going out to a red carpet event right?? Brogues are my favourite type of shoe for both men and women so when I saw Tom had these classic black brogues they just had to be included as they instantly smarten up any outfit. And for added tailoring I chose to pair the outfit with this grey blazer which adds even more of a smart vibe. It's made many appearances at house parties back in the days of sixth form so it has a sense of nostalgia.  

I'm now really excited to see what House of Fraser has to offer for the BAFTA nominees and will no doubt be taking notice of what the men are wearing just as much as the women
If you'd like to catch up with the latest news on the BAFTAs then check out the House of Fraser website here.

Images of previous red carpet looks sourced from here and here

That Trip to Superdrug

Saturday, 2 May 2015

So the other morning before dragging my tired self into uni I ventured to Superdrug. I wanted to go and pick up a liquid eyeliner after misplacing mine on a recent night out in London. But with a 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics I couldn't really not pick up three items. I mean it'd be rude to not take advantage of that deal right...