There really ain't no Party like an S Club Party

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Don't worry I haven't gone mad. When I was little S Club 7 were my life, I was obsessed with them. They were the band that I wanted to be in. I'd listen repeatedly, always watch their music videos/TV programmes/ films and heck I even collected every issue of the magazine they use to do. Aw glory days!! So when they reunited for Children in Need back in November and announced they were touring I just had to go. I never got to see them as a kid so I was not missing out on this. And let me say that they still got it.
Now I never get lucky with anything but somehow crazily our tickets were upgraded from sitting at the top of the O2 to the floor. Like seriously when does that even happen?? I honestly thought it was a joke but soon I was walking down the stairs and grabbing some amazing seats. All of the classic songs were played like S Club Party, Don't Stop Movin, Bring it All Back, Two In a Million, I literally could go on and on.  I immediately remembered the words to pretty much every song. They even threw in a version of Uptown Funk and some solo's (my highlight being Rachel Stevens singing Sweet Dreams My LA Ex). Love that song! I'm paying now as I'm not feeling great and my throat really hurts but so worth it.

Also that day I went to Oxford Circus with my friend Sade and we went to the new Lush store. Three floors of Lush!! It is simply breath-taking. There's even an installation showcasing some of their new scents hence the photograph above. I cant wait to go back and pick up some items.

Such a hectic day but so much fun. Being able to remember the joy I use to get when listening to this band as a young girl and to still have as much fun now is pretty cool. They don't make pop music like they use to back in the early 2000's.

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