Summer 2014 Week 1

Sunday, 29 June 2014

loving my new skirt from Asos (got a bit of an obsession with elephants at the moment)

ENTER SHIKARI :D (I really need a better phone)

Hello all!
First off the pictures shown are from my Instagram over the last week :)
I feel like as I have such a hectic schedule majority of the time when at uni I want to post as much as I can on here. I thought it'd be a good idea to round up my weeks and go through what I've done. Unless of course I have done absolutely nothing in which case that could be boring aha!

For my first week of my summer break I have been mainly catching up on sleep, watching Jeremy Kyle and enjoying not having to think too much! I need to start preparing for third year. First thing I must do is get a decent diary and write in it!
The first day I got back I went for a walk with my best friend Charlotte, catching up and asking about her holiday she went on (lucky). We live right by a canal so it's always a nice walk with pretty scenery. Got a bit worried  walking past a group of guys fishing as they stopped and just stared at us haha. 

I've also helped my mum and dad look for a new car. We went to a place in London that had soo many cars in it! I can't wait to get my first car, I've passed my test but haven't driven really since so my confidence has completely gone :( I really liked the outfit I wore (seen above). It was one of those moments where I said to myself Katie you look quite fashionable today ha!

Thursday was a hectic day for me. I went back to my uni house and emptied out my room. I didn't realise how much stuff I actually own. I seem to have collected quite a selection of clothes (have no idea how that happened...). Managed to fit it all in one car trip. I'm staying in the same room but had to move all my stuff out so it can be cleaned.
As soon as got back I got ready and headed out to a gig :) Yep I saw Enter Shikari yet again. Funny story is that I won a pair of tickets!! I never win anything and it was such a pleasant surprise! As always it was amazing, it was my 7th time seeing them. I love the atmosphere of their shows as people just talk to you and although it gets quite rough in terms of pushing it's really fun. I'm not a person that gets involved in mosh pits let's get that clear aha.

Yeah that's been my first week of summer

Katie x

A couple of new Primark Additions

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Being at a uni that's a short train ride away from London is really exciting. However its not so good for my bank balance. I had to go into London to do some fabric shopping, but I figured I would pop into the Tottenham Court Road Primark as it is my favourite. So what was supposed to be a trip for me picking up a couple of necessities for my uni summer ball turned into me picking up a couple of items I absolutely love!!

I did actually need some sandals. The one's I own literally feel like cardboard at the bottom and do not provide any comfort to my feet. After seeing Kate from gh0stparties (check out her blog!!) show these Aztec print sandals in a Primark haul I knew I needed them in my life. I picked up the monochrome coloured pair for £4 which I think is amazing! They also did a tan and coral coloured pair with the same design but didn't have my size :'(. I'm still going to look for them ha!

The most exciting find for me was this amazing kimono. I have wanted a kimono for the longest time but for some reason I have never bought one. What I loved about this one is that it's knitted but is still light and floaty. Plus I'm a lover of fringing (I adore the 1920's). The neutral shade and soft floral pattern on it makes it wearable with lots of different outfits. I literally couldn't leave it.
I saw lots of pieces in Primark that  I could see me wearing for summer. Hence why I will not be going there for a little while (yeah right)
Hope your having a lovely start to the week
Katie x

Being a Tourist

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Check out this cottage, looks so cute! It was randomly in the middle of St James Park
Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Topshop Joni
Bag- New Look
Shoes- H&M
*can't remember where my sunglasses are from apologies!
I've always lived just outside London, can hop on a train and I'll be within London in around 20 minutes. That's the case for both my university house and home home ha!. I've never actually done the typical tourist thing and visited sites around London.
What was so great about that day was that it was completely spontaneous!  My friend Caroline and I decided to head to Oxford Street as we wanted to pick up something to wear in case there was a party after finishing show roles. We headed to Topshop and a couple of other places but I think we lost interest pretty quickly as it was so hot and we weren't very successful. Although she did pick up a pair of Mom Jeans from H&M which are freaking amazing!
We suddenly decided to just go for a walk as it was such a beautiful day out :) I said why not go down this random street and see where we end up. We walked past many designer shops (one day I will go in and buy something). She took me to the Buckingham Palace which was amazing to see in person, Her  majesty was in as the flag was up haha. We then walked through the most beautiful park ever (St James' Park) I could have stayed there for ages!. Then we walked on the Embankment and got some insanely good ice cream and managed to end up back at the South Bank what are the odds!
I completely mucked up with my outfit choice, jeans was such a bad mistake for a  hot day. However the shirt was a dream as it always caught the breeze! I bought the shirt from Primark last year for Reading Festival and  just love it! Comfy shoes were a must too and my H&M trainer shoes didn't let me down
I've seen new areas of London lately and I'm loving it. There's so much more of it too explore! Maybe I should write a list or something
Hope your having a nice chilled Sunday
Katie x

Working in venue at the southbank

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

As part of my uni course I get to work on show as a costume assistant (that's the role we're given in second year). It's such an amazing experience getting to work on a show with actors and my mates ad see how production work. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this course!
For this season we've been working at the Bargehouse on the Southbank. I've never actually really explored the area before but I absolutely love it! It's perfect for a day out. You can walk by the River Thames, see some amazing views of London, explore various places to eat and there's usually some form of entertainment around. I've seen a dance group and a couple of people drawing image sin the sand by the river :)

I'll try and get some more photos of the Southbank if I get the chance, been so busy!! Oh and the random snap of my lap on the train I just thought I would include as I have an addiction to Pink Lemonade Lucozade :/ it's a serious problem.

Katie x