Ill in bed and what do I do?? I watch wrestling typical...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Today hasn't been great :/ I've been really ill the last couple of days. I've gone into uni and tried to work but have made zero progress and panicking majorly as my make deadline is Friday :(. Today my body just gave up on me and I took the day off. Hoping that by literally spending the day in bed I can recover and then tomorrow I'll feel fresher and have a better day.

Spending the day in bed I've been watching various things on TV. Gossip Girl mainly as it is my latest obsession I love that show soo much!! Wished I watched it when it aired but c'est la vie.

I also re watched a documentary that I discovered a while back about wrestling. I know wrestling isn't everyone's cup of tea but I just wouldn't be me if I didn't have I guess a love for it. The whole art of it and the stories created through it I find really intriguing. I've grown up watching it on TV and also seen some shows in my time.

It's called The Wrestlers- Fighting with my family. Think it was aired a few years ago. I never actually watched it on TV as my parents don't have a care for it. However I remember reading about it in a magazine and the daughter in it is now Paige in WWE so that to me is very exciting. It follows the Knight Family- famous in the British wrestling scene and how there lives change when one of them moves to the biggest company in the business.

If anyone wants to watch it this is the link:

I just wanted to blog about it as I find it interesting to watch. Even if your not a fan you get a glimpse of what the world of wrestling is like.

Katie x

Wanting a spring wardrobe

Monday, 24 February 2014

Today there was a hint of spring as there was actually sunshine out today in England. Of course on a beautiful day I am stuck in bed as I'm so ill today its ridiculous. I don't know whats wrong with me, but my head feels all mushy and my nose is so blocked (tmi ..) Currently lying in bed watching Gossip Girl (favourite programme ever, so late watching it but I love it!!).
I'm usually not a fan of spring, but this year I cannot wait for spring and summer as the weather has been rain constantly for the last couple of months. Pastel colours have been  a love of mine the last couple of years and as much as I've been trying to resist looking at things online there are some gorgeous pieces I really want to get my hands on!!

1. Hether Textured Tailored Boyfriend Coat In Baby Blue- £54.99
I'm loving the whole pastel coat trend right now. I've seen loads of pink coats around but I personally have fallen in love with pale blue. I saw Emma Willis present Big Brother in a blue coat from Zara and have wanted one ever since. Unfortunately this has sold out in my size :( hopefully they restock as I would love to have it in my life and inject colour into my wardrobe

2. Cameo Rose Green Short Sleeve Spot Print Boxy Shirt (New Look)- £14.99
Can't go wrong with a bit of polka dot and with this beautiful shade of green added its a winner for me! I love a shirt too providing that it's comfy and this looks like I'll be able to breathe whilst wearing it
3. Gold tone rainbow stone necklace- £6.00
Browsing through the River Island website and came across this. I love colours and I think this necklace is simple et really pretty. It would add colour to the monochrome box I seem to be trapped in at the moment

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette- £37.00
Aww like you don't know about this?? If you follow the beauty blogging world then I'm pretty sure you'll know this. I don't own any of the Naked palette's. What I particularly like about this one is that all of the shades have tones of pink. I've watched so many tutorials focusing on pink eye shadow looks for spring that I would just love to experiment with this

5. Berte Cropped Knitted Jumper In Lilac- £16.99
A bit of spring themed knitwear?? yes please!! Purple is my favourite colour and this pretty shade of lilac would be the perfect way to add a bit of warmth and femininity to an outfit. I think it'd be soo cute paired with a white shirt underneath. Could even toughen it up with  some leather. Must. stop. pairing. outfits.

So this is just  a selection of the things I am loving at the moment

Katie x

Everyday make up I've been loving

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Products and Brushes:
*Real Tehcniques- core collection, buffing brush, contour brush
* MUA eyeshadow palette in  Heaven and Earth
*Avon black eye pencil
*Revlon Lash Potion Mascara
*Rimmel Scandal eyes Precision eyeliner in Black
*Sleek contouring kit- Light
*Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Rose Shimmer

pout much?? oh dear haha!
Lately I haven't actually bought any new make up products. Trust me there are many that I want all way out my price range as per usual. Guess I have expensive taste haha. So in the mornings I have to get ready relatively quickly as I'm in Uni every week day although I get up early as I personally like to chill a bit before walking to classes. I'm all about the neutral eyes and adding eyeliner. My eyes are my favourite feature so I tend to focus on them! Recently I've been really getting into lip colours to, this pink lip stick was the first one I ever bought ( in New York) fact :) and I love it! My MUA palette is amazing and I can use so many combinations of colours to create various neutral shadows.
Been watching so many make up tutorials lately so wanna try out some spring looks soon!!

Think my addiction to make up is growing! woops :/

Katie x

I wanna go back to Disney so bad!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

 So I use to wear t-shirts pretty much everyday. You can just chuck one on, feel all comfy and your good to go. Lately however I haven't really found any I like and going through my clothes I needed to chuck a few of them out! My style does change but the t-shirt has always been a garment I go back to.
My favourite kind is  the band t-shirt I'm all for expressing your interest in music (but a firm believer that you should only wear shirts of bands you actually like). I kind of collect Ramones t-shirts as they were the first punk band I ever discovered and quite frankly one of my favourite bands of all time!
Now slogan t-shirt really are not my thing. Seeing t-shirts with dollar signs and cheesy quotes about boys (cringe!) never ever ever! But Primark have done some seriously cute designs lately. I've seen a few focused on Disney and certain characters such as Snow White, The Little Mermaid etc.
This one I got from the Primark on Tottenham Court Road (by the way one of the best, if your around London check out this Primark). I loved it because when I looked at it I instantly smiled.  It reminded of when I went to Orlando and visited the various Disney theme parks, best holiday along with New York.  I loved the whole atmosphere of being there and just how happy everyone is there. I'm a Disney girl at heart and I've wanted to back to Disney world in Florida
 for years. One day maybe.. lets see :)
So if your into cute tshirts then I'd recommend Primark, go check em out!

Primark are doing some cute t-shirts right now :)
Hope your all having a lovely weekend
Katie x

How I spent my Valentine's

Friday, 14 February 2014

So it's drawing towards the end of valentine's day and I guess it's a strange day really. I've personally never had a reason to celebrate it as I've never had a valentine
I guess it's not really a holiday I've ever really connected with.
I feel like couples should show one another how much they care about each other spontaneously rather then focusing it all on just on this one specific day.  Although not gonna lie if someone treated me on this day I probably wouldn't moan aha!
So to all of you couples out there I hope your having a very special night! and to all the single people out there, don't worry about it enjoy the freedom that's what I tell myself haha :)
Tonight has consisted of me eating a meal for one, drinking wine and watching movies on my own and I'm having a whale of a time :) hehe

Go on treat yourself!!
 I will leave you with this cute picture!! All I need in my life is this aha
Katie  x

Starting my first showrole

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Apologies on lack of blog posts, I suck at this!! Things at uni have got intense and I mean intense. Plus I've been so ill the last few days, nasty flu bug going round :( sad times. I'm feeling better now though
I got a drama university that puts on productions, it's pretty cool if you ask me!
A couple of weeks ago I started my first role on show as a costume assistant (that's the role your given in second year). I'm working on a musical show called Into The Woods, it's about all of the fairy tale characters wanting various things. It has a dark twist to it, I personally love the story. We had a meeting seeing all of the costume designs and then chose which costume we wanted to make.
I chose to make a check shirt for the character Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk). Never having really done men's wear before I thought it would be a great learning experience and a shirt is challenging to make as theirs many different components, Rambling Katie...

So since starting I've found the fabric, created a pattern, made a toile of the shirt out of Calico and had my first fitting with the actor I'm making for. Here are some pictures from the fitting :)

Front View

As the designer wanted the shirt to be loose, I had to take the centre front out slightly so there was a little more room. I also had to re pin the neckline as the original one didn't sit right

The sleeve had to be repined, looking at the reference images of shirts I collected I realised that shirt sleeves sit lower than other garments.

The back looked pretty decent, I had to adjust the length of the shirt as it was way too long
Close up of the back

Things seem to be going relatively well at the moment and a shirt is emerging. I'm freaking out already but in a good way. It's already been an interesting experience and I'm excited for the whole process to develop more.

Thanks for reading

Katie x