I wanna go back to Disney so bad!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

 So I use to wear t-shirts pretty much everyday. You can just chuck one on, feel all comfy and your good to go. Lately however I haven't really found any I like and going through my clothes I needed to chuck a few of them out! My style does change but the t-shirt has always been a garment I go back to.
My favourite kind is  the band t-shirt I'm all for expressing your interest in music (but a firm believer that you should only wear shirts of bands you actually like). I kind of collect Ramones t-shirts as they were the first punk band I ever discovered and quite frankly one of my favourite bands of all time!
Now slogan t-shirt really are not my thing. Seeing t-shirts with dollar signs and cheesy quotes about boys (cringe!) never ever ever! But Primark have done some seriously cute designs lately. I've seen a few focused on Disney and certain characters such as Snow White, The Little Mermaid etc.
This one I got from the Primark on Tottenham Court Road (by the way one of the best, if your around London check out this Primark). I loved it because when I looked at it I instantly smiled.  It reminded of when I went to Orlando and visited the various Disney theme parks, best holiday along with New York.  I loved the whole atmosphere of being there and just how happy everyone is there. I'm a Disney girl at heart and I've wanted to back to Disney world in Florida
 for years. One day maybe.. lets see :)
So if your into cute tshirts then I'd recommend Primark, go check em out!

Primark are doing some cute t-shirts right now :)
Hope your all having a lovely weekend
Katie x

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