The Essential Eye Brush Set by Studio 5 Cosmetics

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Firstly I realise I've been really bad at posting lately, I'm having a lack of self confidence at the moment so haven't felt like writing so yeah. One day I want to feel happy enough to do outfit posts again.
Recently I have rediscovered my love for doing my makeup coming out of what feels like the longest lazy slump. I realised that I needed to add some new brushes to my collection and in particular some eye shadow brushes. You know times are bad when you're trusty H&M eye shadow brush snaps in half (shameful I know!). Most of the brushes I own are from Real Techniques but I really wanted to try out a new brand. Whilst browsing Amazon I came across the Essential Eye Brush Set by Studio 5 Cosmetics which sounded pretty decent to me. In this set you get seven 'high quality' brushes all designed to help apply eye make up. Within the set you get:

*Pencil brush
*Precision Shader
*Small angle
*Eye liner
*Angled shader
*Perfect blending


The one brush I was really looking forward to using was the perfect blending brush as I'd never had a brush specifically for blending out eye shadow. The amount of times I've wanted to create a soft eye shadow look but not been able to do it. That brush is so fluffy and does the job of blending out colours perfectly. All of the brushes seem really high quality and none of them so far have shed all over my face which I've had happen before. Plus the bristles is 100% cruelty free so that's an added bonus. And for the price of £11.80 for the whole set you can't really go wrong.