September Favourites

Sunday, 28 September 2014




I feel human again. Probably going to jinx my health now but I'm feeling so much better so maybe I have finally defeated this illness :) Please I beg don't come back!
We're reaching the end of September which means that a very excited Katie is about to arrive. October is fast approaching so it's nearly Halloween Time. My favourite! Plus you've got Bonfire night in November and then Christmas loving life. I will hopefully get round to doing some Halloween themed blog posts I cannot wait, already trying to come up with some costume ideas. Let's hope I actually do something this year.
Anyways what a ramble, today I'm sharing with you some of my favourites from September. I love watching these videos on YouTube, I may one day attempt to film again but it's just not happening right now.

Make Up and Hair
First up no shocker is my MAC lipstick in Kinda Sexy I've done a blog post all about it so if you want my thoughts on it and wanna find out a little bit more then check that out here

The Bourjois Bronzing powder is a product a lot of people have spoke about in the past. I'm no expert when it comes to using a bronzer but I now cannot do my make up without it. I feel like this adds the right amount of warmth to my complexion without being too orange. It's very easy to work with and blends like a dream. Still learning the technique of contouring and where to put Bronzer but I'm getting there slowly.

Another Bourjois product, a trio of eyeshadows. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the shade as it's rubbed off due to the fact I must have had it for around 4 years maybe longer. It features three varying shades of loveliness. First is a metallic silver which is perfect for a bit of night out glam. Then it has a medium shade brown which I think is perfect as an everyday lid colour. And finally a dark brown which is amazing in the crease. It's one of those products I forgot I had but love it so much.

VO5 mega hold Styling Mousse. How I managed to do my hair without mousse I'll never know  but this stuff is like magic on my hair. I understand now why so many people have said to me that mousse is the key thing to use with curly hair and boy are they right. It's not to sticky and just feels so nice when applying it through my hair. It manages to keep my hair in place throughout all elements of the weather. I loves it

I guess you could call this one a summer favourite, it's my Fedora hat from H&M. I've worn this in a couple of outfit posts and people seem to say I suit it. I love hats and I dig the whole fedora trend. It took me a long time to brave actually buying one. I'm not really one to make a bold statement but I love wearing it. It definitely catches peoples attention and instantly transforms what could be seen as a boring outfit.

My Aztec monochrome sandals I have been trying to wear as much as possible during September as I just love them. I don't want to let go. It has been quite warm here so I've managed to bust them out a few times. They are comfy, monochrome and add a bit of pattern so they tick all the boxes. Hopefully now the weather is starting to get colder my feet won't suffer as much.

Bad Neighbours on DVD, Zac Efron is in it need I say any more... I think this film is jokes and it's been perfect for when I'm down and need a bit of cheering up.

I've really been loving the band Lower Than Atlantis, I'm pretty new to hearing their stuff but I just can't stop listening. I remember seeing them at Reading festival on the Main Stage last year and mentioning that they were from Watford (my hometown). I just remember really enjoying their set and they seem like they were having a great time playing. They have a new album out soon so I think that will be purchased (bye student loan)

They are my favourites, September hasn't been the best of months. C'mon October you never let me down.

Punk Rock Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnish

Friday, 26 September 2014

As I mentioned in my last post I haven't been feeling well at all in fact as I'm typing this right now I am tucked up in bed hating life with a blocked nose and feeling gross as. I haven't had a terrifically productive week. The other night I felt slightly better (didn't last long) so thought I would pamper myself a bit, that's right I painted my nails. It's one of those things that I always seem to want to do but never get round to it. Plus when I do I smudge them and just get it everywhere. I have to admit when I paint my nails I do feel more like a girl.

I bought this shade early this year and forgot how much I love it. Now I am a sucker for a product that has a cool name and that is the sole reason I bought this. The shade is called Punk Rock uhhh hello. Punk music and style is a love of mine so it was natural for me to want it. It's from the Kate moss range and is a Rimmel Salon Pro nail varnish. It's a lovely dull purple shade that's perfect for Autumn/Winter. The colour is really pretty as it's dark but when it catches the light it just seems to come to life. The brush applicator I really don't like as it's a thick square shape that doesn't work with my nail shape.

Hope everyone has a had a better week then me

Little Update #1

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I want to start a new type of posts just giving updates into what I've been up to. There may be times where I'll be crazy busy (I know for a fact this will be the case for third year of university) so I can hopefully at least find the time to write these posts.

So how have I spent the last few days eh??? In bed, I am currently suffering from a ridiculous cold. Today I am actually starting to feel better thank god!! Yesterday I was so bad I literally felt like I was dieing (maybe a tad overdramatic but hey ho). Here's some things I've learnt over the last few days:

1. I fidget so much!! I can't keep still and have got to a point where my bed is doing my head in

2. Who knew changing your pyjama top could be so thrilling, literally been the happiest thing that's happened to me. I bought an awesome top from Primark that features all of the Disney villains (I believe it's a Halloween themed top). Check out my Instagram as I posted a picture of it  on there and if you could follow me that would be much appreciated ;)

3. I love Asos clothes a bit too much

4.Don't take naps in the afternoon for longer than two hours, been cracking out some four/five hour naps and have not had a decent nights sleep for four nights in a row now. Don't' know how I'm still functioning.

5. Watching chick flicks whilst being ill means I need lots of tissues. I'm in a very vulnerable and emotional state right now. I watched P.S I Love you yesterday and I haven't cried that much at a film in ages. I want an attractive Irish man that can sing and play guitar in my life. There's nothing wrong with that right?? I actually prefer the guy that plays William in it to Gerard Butler. I also watched 13 going on 30, oh my I have missed watching that film. Haven't seen it in so long but definitely a favourite of mine. I also fancy Mark Ruffalo so that helps quite a lot. Can you see a theme emerging, attractive men in every film I watch hmmm

I miss being at uni, I miss outside air and I miss being able to breathe through my nose properly. Everyone definitely takes that last one for granted.

What's this about Autumn??

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dress- Primark
Sandals Primark
Leather Jacket- Asda
Hair- a right state
A week into third year at university and I'm already ill, nice one immune system. So we've reached September that means the start of Autumn right. Well apparently the weather here in England currently doesn't think so. We're currently experiencing a little heat wave which I'm not a fan of. Both myself and my wardrobe are extremely confused. I packed coats, jumpers and boots so I am not prepared for warmness. Every morning I've been staring at my clothes thinking what do I do.
I did pack a couple of summer dresses just in case. This dress is from Primark and from what I remember was only £5. I loved the colour of and it was so light that I thought it'd be perfect to just chuck on when I feel like I don't want to wear anything. You know those days where it's so hot that layers of clothes just aren't appealing. I'm aware that you can see my bra through the dress, I have to work with what I have haha! The sandals I bought after watching Kate from gh0stparties show them in a haul. They were such a good price and I really like the pattern on them. I've been living in my leather jacket so it's a must right now.
Today my throat is extremely sore and I'm feeling a tad under the weather. I am heading out for a late lunch with a few of my friends from uni. We're going for Mexican so I'm hoping the spice will help me out (although not too spicy as I can't handle it). I think we're heading out for a few drinks to. I feel like if I carry on with doing things then hopefully whatever this 'illness' is will just disappear. Tomorrow I will take it easy.  I don't have time to be ill I got shit to do!

MAC Kinda Sexy

Thursday, 18 September 2014


In the summer I actually bought my first ever purchase from a MAC store (took my time I know). I have wanted a lipstick for the longest time but I just felt intimidated by going in one of the stores. I guess I feel like I needed to know more about make up in order to actually buy something. However I ventured to Kings Road with my cousin and entered the most friendly store. The ladies in there were lovely and so so helpful. I was looking for a matte nude lipstick. As soon as the lady showed me this shade I knew I wanted it. I originally wanted to look at Shy Girl, but I fell in love with the swatch of Kinda Sexy (what a name eh)
Kinda Sexy is a lovely browny nude shade that is perfect for every day. I carry it most days in my bag and I feel like it's so precious as it's my only MAC lipstick (that'll change soon!). It's quite similar to my natural lip colour but it's a tad more brown. I personally really like the matte finish as it's more suitable for most looks. It's perfect for mornings when I'm rushing off to uni or even nights out where I make a bit more of an effort. If you want something natural and simple then I think this is the perfect shade and I can imagine it suits most skin types.
Hopefully I'll do a blog post with pictures of me wearing it soon, I want to do one about everyday make up I've been loving recently.
Can someone out there please give me tips on how to make lipstick's last longer?? The colour just seems to go and it's really frustrating!! I'm a poor excuse for a girl

Need a dress for a special occasion?

Monday, 15 September 2014

I love getting dressed up for events. Unfortunately I don't go to many events where it's acceptable to get heavily dolled up in a nice dress and fancy heels. But in the rare occasions when I do I think the process of choosing a nice dress and putting it on is so exciting. Recently I was contacted by Zoe from the company avivadress to look at their website. There is such a huge variety of evening dresses, I was like a little kid looking through all the styles. Immediately I thought the website was amazing due to the array of dresses you can choose from. Plus seeing % off items is a huge bonus! They specialise in dresses for weddings too so whether your looking for your dream dress or bridesmaid dresses you can find everything you need. Not going to lie I had a look at the wedding dresses to (I'm a girl alright, I'd like to think one day I'll get married haha). And if you think it's too good to be true then check out the testimonials on there, lots of happy customers.

Black A-line half sleeved evening dress- £69.99
Blue short sleeved beaded chiffon long evening dress- £69.99
I focused on looking at evening dresses as I was thinking about outfits I would have loved to have worn at my prom or my university summer ball that happens at the end of each academic year (only got one more left). I love long flowing dresses so they were the style I went for. Above are some of the dresses I personally love. There were such a huge selection to choose from I chose these two as I think they are really classic, elegant styles. I don't like to show off too much skin, but I think the fact that they show off the figure makes them quite sexy in a non obvious way (especially the black number). And for £69.99 it's just amazing!

Couldn't resist chucking in an image of a bridal dress, but just look at it!!! (stop it now Katie....)

Something I really appreciate being a costume making student is that you have the option to order a dress tailored to your specific measurements. Learning how to fit garments to people, I think this is such a great idea as you want the dress to flatter your shape and the perfect fit makes you not only feel comfortable but definitely makes the dress look so much better.

Not only do they sell wedding dresses, but you can also find the accessories you need to such as veils, tiaras, head pieces, jewellery, gloves you really can find everything you need.

Instead of freaking out about finding a dress last minute and not knowing what to do, I would highly recommend checking out avivadress as I guarantee that there will be something for you!

I now want a wardrobe full of pretty dresses

*I was asked to write this blog post by Avivadress, but these are 100% my words and opinions

Liebster Award

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I was recently tagged to do this fun idea of the Liebster Award by the lovely Eleanor from Eleanor's adventures (click on the link and check out her wonderful blog!).  Sorry it's taken me so long to do!! Your basically given a set of questions to answer and then nominate blogs. It may sound sad but receiving a nomination actually made me really excited as I feel like this is the first time I've done a post that interacts with other bloggers so yeahhhh aha!

Here are the questions Eleanor wanted me to answer:

1. When did you start blogging and why? 
I actually created this blog late 2012 I believe, but have only been blogging more regularly for around the majority of this year. This summer break I've really got into the swing of things. As to why I started, I actually came across the blogging world due to YouTube, I watch videos everyday and discovered a couple of blogs that I just couldn't stop reading. I think the main blog that made me want to start one myself was LLYMLRS, I simply love everything about her blog. Plus I've always seemed to be good at writing about things I like and it's a way to build my self confidence.

2. If you could meet one person (living or dead) who would it be and what would you ask them?
That's so tough. Think it would have to be Bette Midler, as strange as that might sound. She has a fantastic singing voice and sense of humour so I reckon we'd have a right laugh. She also plays the lead role in my favourite film of all time (Hocus Pocus) so I would simply have to ask her about that. I think she's a legend. Freddie Mercury was a very very close second though!

3. One book or film that influenced your life in a major way and how? 
Shamefully I don't read books (something I'm not proud of) so I guess that means I have to pick a film. Hmmm... it's quite recent but I've recently watched both the Purge films, its not like changed my life completely but it's made me think about life in a different way as it's quite an interesting yet terrifying concept. I would highly recommend watching them! (I struggled with this question :/ aha)

4. If you could visit any destination in the world where would you go and what would you do there?
I'd go to Hawaii because quite frankly I can never see my self actually going there. I would love to explore and check out the beautiful sites . To experience the culture in what I believe looks like paradise would be a dream!
5. Your hopes and dreams for the next 10 years? 
I have always wanted to move to America so I hope that would have happened.  I'd like to have a job where I get to travel and see many places I didn't think I would. As soppy as it sounds I want to have found a boyfriend and perhaps have got married. But if it doesn't happen then c'est la vie haha!
6. Your dream career and your nightmare job? 
Well my dream career at the moment would be to be some kind of costume maker/ seamstress. I'd like to do work for TV/film whether that be for a period drama, dancing show or heck even making wrestling costumes (actually working for the WWE would be epic). A nightmare job, having to work with something linked to politics, I have no time for it and I think all politicians are liars and don't care about the future of human beings. Seriously politics makes so me soooo mad!
7. All time favourite album/ piece of music? 
This is a nightmare question for me. I think my favourite album is Queen greatest hits as it has all the classics and I just love that band. Common Dreads by Enter Shikari is up there as well. They're probably both my favourites. I love Hoppipola by Sigur Ros, so that's probably my favourite piece of music it's so uplifting, you'd recognise it if you heard it.
8. Who/ what is your biggest creative influence? 
The whole idea of punk has influenced me in quite a big way. I love everything to do with it the music, style, ideas shared. It's just the way that you don't have to follow what people think and you should do what you want to do.
9. Your all time favourite piece of clothing? 
The leather jacket! it's a classic, you can get so many varieties. Plus I think everyone feels a little more badass when you wear one (no just me good haha). I think there so easy to wear and I think its justifiable to spend a bit more money on one, investing and all.
10. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would you choose?
Chinese takeaway hands down :)

Right so I nominate:

Char Hurst
Belle Histories

Okay I'm gonna post this now, I know I haven't nominated enough blogs but I will never get this done if I don't post. So I've technically failed one of the rules :( sorry haha x

My questions are:

1. What was your inspiration behind your blog name?
2.What movie did you love to watch as a kid??
3.Why did you start blogging??
4.Favourite band you've ever seen live?
5. Where do you love to go in London or where would you like to go if you haven't been??
6. If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life what would it be??
7. What item in your wardrobe could you  not live without ??
8. Favourite time of the year and why??
9. What do you see yourself doing in the future??
10. Heels or flats??

These are the rules:
You must link back to the person who tagged you
You must answer all the questions above
You must come up with 10 other questions of your own
You must Tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers (failed this haha)


Welcome To The Jungle

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

T-shirt- Pull and Bear
Skirt- New Look
Fedora- H&M
Shoes- Converse
Rings- New Look

Yep rocking that fedora hat yet again, it's become a favourite of mine. I'm massively into hats now and it's quite brave for me to wear it :)
Trying to branch out a bit with this outfit. I am a natural wearer of a band t-shirt, I guess its cause I do love my music. However sometimes you can over wear a band t-shirt and jeans (what I'm known to live in). I saw this Guns N Roses t-shirt on the Pull and Bear website and fell in love with it. I guess it's because it wasn't the typical shirt design they are known for with their design on. I love the song' Welcome to the Jungle' and it's such a simple shirt to wear. Plus I'm really digging navy at the moment (blame my mum). I paired with this patterned skirt I bought back in the spring time. Haven't had the chance to wear it that much but it can be worn throughout the year. The colour scheme may not be very Autumnal but that won't put me off.  It has a really cool textured effect showcasing a range of blues, greens and purples. I think it  adds quite a bit of interest to this outfit! Trying to wear more dresses and skirts for every day. I go through phases where I just live in trousers. My converses are a pretty new addition, it just so happens they are the exact same colour as my t-shirt (told you I liked navy at the moment) :)

I don't know why I just really liked this outfit and wanted to share it. Although may have to change my skirt soon as my legs are a tad cold ha!

A Little Haul

Monday, 8 September 2014

Missguided- top and skirt co-ord

New Look- T-shirt

New Look- baby blue coat

So I thought I would share a few things I have bought recently. I've tried to not buy as much over the summer and think I've done pretty well! However a girl who loves clothes needs a few new additions.
I needed an outfit for a party I was invited to, it was almost like a bit of a school reunion. I decided to look on Missguided and see what they had to offer. I've been a bit funny about their clothes before as their sizing is quite small. However it turned out well. I joined the co-ord trend and decided to buy this set above. It consists of an A line skirt and boxy crop t-shirt. It's monochrome which I live in and has a floral print. They both fit really well and I got complimented a few times wearing it which was nice haha. The great thing about it is that the pieces can be worn separately which is perfect.
The t-shirt I bought on a trip to a local town near my uni. I got the keys to my house and decided to look round. I liked it as it's simple yet has a twist with the fringing details on the bottom.
I have wanted a baby blue coat for such a long time! Saw this coat on Asos as part of the New Look range and had to get it. I love the colour and the length. The quality of it isn't as good as I thought it would be but I can't let go of it. The fabric is quite a fuzzy texture so might be a tad itchy around the neck. However I think its going to be a nice addition and adds interest to my wardrobe. I love the big lapels on it and it has shaping at the back so it sits nicely on my body shape.
Thanks for reading!


Made a check shirt

Friday, 5 September 2014



I haven't really spoke about my course I'm doing at uni for ages! If you don't know I'm studying costume production. From what others have said sewing is usually seen as a but if an old woman things to do but I've loved it since I was about 8. It all started with cross stitching and progressed. I don't tend to actually do a lot of it in my free time. I guess that's due to the fact I do so much of for so many hours pretty much every week day whilst in college. However whilst being at home I've had urges to sew and wanted to practice skills I'd already done.
 Earlier this year I made a check shirt for one of the shows I worked on. It was a pretty stressful time (I got so ill!) and a lot of the shirt didn't go that great. So I thought I would remake it and see if it's any better. I'm really happy with the outcome. Flat fell seams I hate as they are sooo hard to do!! I found exactly the same fabric and made it in the same size. It's made from a poly cotton and I love the pattern on it. I think people usually see a shirt and don't realise how much skill it actually takes to make one. I'm now tempted to make one for myself in different colours (I saw a green and pink fabric that I love!).
I need to press it and pick out the tacking threads (absolute pain). But yeah my sewing is getting slightly better and I'm proud I actually finished It. It took a long time but I wasn't in any rush, if it was for a show again I would have had to hurry up. I made it in just over a week.
I also took some shots of my favourite sewing themed things I own. My pin tin I love as it's really cute and I got it for free so can't moan.
Hope you like seeing a bit of a sewing themed post. I hope to do more of them soon :)