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Friday, 5 September 2014



I haven't really spoke about my course I'm doing at uni for ages! If you don't know I'm studying costume production. From what others have said sewing is usually seen as a but if an old woman things to do but I've loved it since I was about 8. It all started with cross stitching and progressed. I don't tend to actually do a lot of it in my free time. I guess that's due to the fact I do so much of for so many hours pretty much every week day whilst in college. However whilst being at home I've had urges to sew and wanted to practice skills I'd already done.
 Earlier this year I made a check shirt for one of the shows I worked on. It was a pretty stressful time (I got so ill!) and a lot of the shirt didn't go that great. So I thought I would remake it and see if it's any better. I'm really happy with the outcome. Flat fell seams I hate as they are sooo hard to do!! I found exactly the same fabric and made it in the same size. It's made from a poly cotton and I love the pattern on it. I think people usually see a shirt and don't realise how much skill it actually takes to make one. I'm now tempted to make one for myself in different colours (I saw a green and pink fabric that I love!).
I need to press it and pick out the tacking threads (absolute pain). But yeah my sewing is getting slightly better and I'm proud I actually finished It. It took a long time but I wasn't in any rush, if it was for a show again I would have had to hurry up. I made it in just over a week.
I also took some shots of my favourite sewing themed things I own. My pin tin I love as it's really cute and I got it for free so can't moan.
Hope you like seeing a bit of a sewing themed post. I hope to do more of them soon :)


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  1. You're so brave to re-make one of your uni makes. I don't even want to attempt that Victorian blouse and skirt combo, it would probably turn out even worse! Good job :)

    Lulu x