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Monday, 15 September 2014

I love getting dressed up for events. Unfortunately I don't go to many events where it's acceptable to get heavily dolled up in a nice dress and fancy heels. But in the rare occasions when I do I think the process of choosing a nice dress and putting it on is so exciting. Recently I was contacted by Zoe from the company avivadress to look at their website. There is such a huge variety of evening dresses, I was like a little kid looking through all the styles. Immediately I thought the website was amazing due to the array of dresses you can choose from. Plus seeing % off items is a huge bonus! They specialise in dresses for weddings too so whether your looking for your dream dress or bridesmaid dresses you can find everything you need. Not going to lie I had a look at the wedding dresses to (I'm a girl alright, I'd like to think one day I'll get married haha). And if you think it's too good to be true then check out the testimonials on there, lots of happy customers.

Black A-line half sleeved evening dress- £69.99
Blue short sleeved beaded chiffon long evening dress- £69.99
I focused on looking at evening dresses as I was thinking about outfits I would have loved to have worn at my prom or my university summer ball that happens at the end of each academic year (only got one more left). I love long flowing dresses so they were the style I went for. Above are some of the dresses I personally love. There were such a huge selection to choose from I chose these two as I think they are really classic, elegant styles. I don't like to show off too much skin, but I think the fact that they show off the figure makes them quite sexy in a non obvious way (especially the black number). And for £69.99 it's just amazing!

Couldn't resist chucking in an image of a bridal dress, but just look at it!!! (stop it now Katie....)

Something I really appreciate being a costume making student is that you have the option to order a dress tailored to your specific measurements. Learning how to fit garments to people, I think this is such a great idea as you want the dress to flatter your shape and the perfect fit makes you not only feel comfortable but definitely makes the dress look so much better.

Not only do they sell wedding dresses, but you can also find the accessories you need to such as veils, tiaras, head pieces, jewellery, gloves you really can find everything you need.

Instead of freaking out about finding a dress last minute and not knowing what to do, I would highly recommend checking out avivadress as I guarantee that there will be something for you!

I now want a wardrobe full of pretty dresses

*I was asked to write this blog post by Avivadress, but these are 100% my words and opinions

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