What's this about Autumn??

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dress- Primark
Sandals Primark
Leather Jacket- Asda
Hair- a right state
A week into third year at university and I'm already ill, nice one immune system. So we've reached September that means the start of Autumn right. Well apparently the weather here in England currently doesn't think so. We're currently experiencing a little heat wave which I'm not a fan of. Both myself and my wardrobe are extremely confused. I packed coats, jumpers and boots so I am not prepared for warmness. Every morning I've been staring at my clothes thinking what do I do.
I did pack a couple of summer dresses just in case. This dress is from Primark and from what I remember was only £5. I loved the colour of and it was so light that I thought it'd be perfect to just chuck on when I feel like I don't want to wear anything. You know those days where it's so hot that layers of clothes just aren't appealing. I'm aware that you can see my bra through the dress, I have to work with what I have haha! The sandals I bought after watching Kate from gh0stparties show them in a haul. They were such a good price and I really like the pattern on them. I've been living in my leather jacket so it's a must right now.
Today my throat is extremely sore and I'm feeling a tad under the weather. I am heading out for a late lunch with a few of my friends from uni. We're going for Mexican so I'm hoping the spice will help me out (although not too spicy as I can't handle it). I think we're heading out for a few drinks to. I feel like if I carry on with doing things then hopefully whatever this 'illness' is will just disappear. Tomorrow I will take it easy.  I don't have time to be ill I got shit to do!


  1. You look fab Katie, that colour really suits you :) I spent Friday sniffling on the sofa with the cat, but shall grace you with my presence tomorrow haha!


  2. Love the sandals, really cool print! :D