Walking and Exploring

Sunday, 27 July 2014


I truly believe some of the best days you can ever experience are those that are spontaneous and not planned. I hadn't seen one of my closest friends for a long time so decided to meet up with her and go to a local park called Cassiobury . I live in Hertfordshire so there are quite a few pretty places to explore. We ended up walking for a couple of hours. And I got to see places within in the park I had never ventured to (even though I've lived near here all my life aha). Probably the most exciting part for both me and my friend was discovering a cage with monkeys in. Unfortunately the area where the cage sat was fenced off so we couldn't go near but it was such a surprise to us.
On that day I wore my moon and star print smock dress from Motel Rocks which I love! Definitely my inner witchy/gothic side coming out. I wore my trusty new Primark sandals which were comfy. Probably not the most practical footwear but I guess I didn't really figure I would be walking as much as I did haha!
With the beautiful weather we're having at the moment I want to take advantage of going outside. That's the best part of summer for me, being able to spend time outside.
Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

A good old pair of sunnies

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I love sunglasses- fact!

Any excuse I get to wear them I will, even if it's dull. Sunnies are probably my favourite part of summer as it's acceptable to wear them. I really want to get my hands on a pair of Raybans (hopefully soon). But after seeing Suzie from HelloOctober rocking this pair from Asos I instantly had to have them as they reminded me of the classic clubmaster style.
I wear them constantly and I think they are quite trendy for me. Usually larger frames tend to suit me but I think these work quite nicely.

Anyone else love sunglasses as much as me??.. no didn't think so haha

Aztec Playsuit

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Playsuit: New Look
Sandals: New Look
Denim Vest: George at Asda
Rings- New Look, Knit and Stitch exhibition
I really should pluck up the courage and ask someone to take my photos for me, I just don't know who would do it haha. We're currently having a massive heat wave in the UK and I'm really struggling to decide what to wear.
Looking though my wardrobe I found this playsuit I got from New Look last year. I need to inject more colour into my life and I loved the use of colour in this playsuit along with the pattern. It's loose and light so perfect for hot weather. And with the elasticated waist I feel like it flatters my body shape. The back also has a nice detailing but stupidly forgot to take  a photo of it.
I added this denim vest as it adds a bit of interest and creates a laid back look. My shoes were a total bargain! £5 in the sale, their simple but I love them!
The two rings are my current favourite combination at the moment. Thee moon and star ring I got in a multipack from New Look (where the majority of this outfit is from). The purple stoned ring was from a jewellery stand at the Knit and Stitch Exhibition I went to in London back in October (may not sound fun to most people but I loved it!).
Apologies for my hair, I just cannot work with it when it's this humid I know it looks horrific haha
What do you guys wear when it's ridiculously hot outside??

Miracle Hair duo

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I am in no way and expert when it comes to hair. In fact I'm pretty terrible. Naturally I have extremely curly hair that always goes frizzy every time I brush/ comb/ style it so I used to reach from my straighteners every single day.

But after years of over straightening and not using heat protectant (sorry) I had done the damage and my hair had to be cut off as it was completely ruined. A goal of mine for years has been to have long hair and it's finally growing!! yay :D

But obviously with my wanting length I've had to tone down the heat styling and embrace the curls, and I feel like I've found two products that actually work for me.

VO5 Mega Hold weather resistant styling mousse

This stuff is honestly a life saver. Many people have told me that mousse is a must have if you have curly hair. However I had never used it before buying this beauty. My hair has been so much easier to control since using it and now I can't imagine not having it in my life. When pumping it into your hand it's scary at first because it expands loads and I always think I've got way too much. But it's quick and easy to distribute evenly through the hair and doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky which is the main thing I was concerned about. I believe it does what it says on the tin- strong control and 24 hour hold

Frizz Ease Go Curlier 48 hour curls heat- activated spray
Frizz ease was clearly made for me. I love this as it creates such nice waves. As my hair is getting longer the curls are starting to become less poodle like which is making me very happy. This spray is light, smells amazing and adds the softness I have wanted for a while! It says its best to blow dry with a diffuser which I don't own but I can imagine the result would be lovely. I leave my hair to air dry most of the time and it still produces soft curls.

I'm so happy I'm now starting to come up with  a hair routine I'm happy with. I actually need to get it cut but I'm too scared as it's taken so long to grow that I don't want some hairdresser just chopping half of it off. It's happened to me so many times that I have cried.

Have you used these products before??

The Small collection of MAC Eyeshadows I own

Friday, 11 July 2014

Being a massive fan of blogs and YouTube I feel like Mac is a brand that is (hypothetically) thrown into your face as the brand of make up to have.  I want so many of their products but I just cannot afford it majority of the time.

I was lucky enough to receive a palette of four neutral toned eye shadows for Christmas a couple of years ago. I thought I would feature these in a blog post as lately I have been wearing them literally every day. I always freak out about using them as I don't want them to run out, however I guess I will just have to go back and get more. I have no doubt my collection will grow soon.

The lightest shade is called Shroom. I've been using this as a highlight for just under my brow. It's nice because it's not too light and shimmery so I feel it looks more natural.

Underneath is a shade called Kid. It's the most basic of the four shades and I've used this all over my lid. It's a really simple neutral brown and is great for everyday

I don't feel myself without a darker eye shadow. I've used the dark drown shade called Handwritten in the crease of my eye. It immediately adds impact but isn't too intense. The pigment of this one in particular is amazing!

My favourite out of the four is Sable. It's a beautiful metallic copper brown and looks so pretty. I use it all over the lid for a night out look. I've been using a tiny bit of it in the inner corner of my eye to add a bit of interest.

I now want to add more shades to my collection. I would love to try out Cranberry.

What Mac eye shadows would you recommend??

British Summer Time- Hyde Park

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I recently got invited by my friend to go to the British Summer time concert that took place in Hyde Park. The thing that sold it to me was I had the chance to se McBusted!!!! I was gutted that I didn't get a ticket for their recent concerts so the fact I have now seen them makes me soo happy!
I was around 6 I think when Busted formed and I loved them so much as kid. I also was a huge fan of McFly back in the day when they first started so it's really just perfect.

I've never been to Hyde Park during the summer. I've only been to Winter Wonderland. It was amazing. There were so many food stalls and bars. I indulged in a cheeky couple of ciders.

I also really wanted to see Five but they were cancelled for some reason! Gutted :(
I saw Scouting for Girls, The Vamps, Backstreet Boys and of course McBusted!!

I also saw this small band called the Cuban brothers, literally so much fun. I really want to go and see them again. They did a Latin version of the Ace of Spades, legends!!

The Backstreet Boys have still got it, the synchronised dance routines, all in tune with each other. McBusted were amazing, playing all the classics. A rainbow even formed when 5 colours in her hair was played (it was meant to be).

I had such a fun day seeing band I never thought I would ever get the chance to

To be fair I don't think there will ever be a time where I hate seeing live music. I have an addiction.

Thanks for reading