An Eyeliner and Red Lippy that I love

Friday, 30 May 2014

Lately I've gone into Superdrug and Boots and picked up a few new things as I felt like I needed to change up a few things. Particularly, I wanted some new make up bits as I haven't really splurged on any lately.
Now I'm not someone who experiments with lip colours as lipstick and lip products in general have only really come into my life in the last yea. I'm usually all about the nudes or quite subtle pinks. I've tried brighter colours in the past but I just can't get use to them. I've wanted to try out the classic red lippy as I've seen girls that have pale skin and dark hair like moi, rock a red lip.  I think I've finally found one I'm happy with yay!
It's by Maybelline  from the their colour sensational range and It's in the shade Hollywood Red. It's not a bright in your face red and has a very subtle colour to it. I think maybe that's why I'm enjoying it as It's kinda a slow way of pushing me towards trying more colours. It doesn't have much staying power but that's probably due to me not knowing how to put lipstick on properly 


The other product I have been loving recently is a new liquid eyeliner I picked up. It's The Super Liner in Black Lacquer from L'Oreal and It's sooooo good! The black is actually black and it stays on for ages! Plus the brush is easy to use as I struggle getting a smooth line. I've been wearing eyeliner everyday for the past two weeks due to buying this and now I feel Naked with out it.
Think I'm finally establishing a new look I'm happy with
I feel like it's time to experiment a bit more with my make up
I need nights to go out so I can get myself a vampy red lipstick now (calm it down)
Any red lipsticks you recommend??
Katie x

Saturday shopping fail

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I am so thankful it is a bank holiday weekend. This week has been one of the hardest and most challenging I've faced in a long time. I won't go too much into it but feeling a little sad and sorry for myself today aha!
I needed to go shopping to buy a few bits for a costume I'm making and also for my summer ball coming up in I think 4 weeks! So close to finishing second year I can't wait

I had a major fail today. I had a little bit of money so thought I would indulge in a bit of retail therapy to cheer me up. However I did not buy one single item of clothing... what is wrong with me!! I mean I liked things but nothing stood out to me eurgh. I may do a cheeky Asos order

Currently sat here watching BBC Radio 1's big weekend, man I wish I was there!! Glasgow looks like they know how to have fun aha. I actually went to the big weekend back in 2012 when it was in Hackney spent 3 hours on my laptop trying to get tickets!!

I'm not going to any festivals this year :( I think I'm gonna have to get a day ticket aha

Hope your having a good weekend


Perks of my uni room

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Being a student studying at university means that I live away from home majority of the time. I have somehow managed to bag a room that I think is pretty damn amazing. Plus I have an en suite (check me out). I have a like problem with sharing bathrooms, I'm not going into it..

Anyway even though I've now nearly finished second year I was looking round my room today and wanted to share a few of my favourite things about my room. I made sure the photo's didn't actually show the true state of my room (clever eh)

I spent my bank holiday Monday putting this together. I saw this a long time ago on tumblr I believe and wanted to do it. I think it's a cute way of organising photos. It features people, memories that mean a lot to me, oh and a picture from Hocus Pocus haha. Everytime I look at it from my bed I instantly smile. I <3 it

This pillow is just my type of thing. My best friend Charlotte bought this for me for my birthday. If I'm having a down day I just look at this and then feel badass (if only that was the truth)

Awww Mandy yes!. This is Mandy my tailors dummy. I've wanted one of these for the longest time. She now proudly stands in my room waiting for costumes to be modelled on her!

This cute pen holder from Paperchase I actually use to store my make up brushes. I love it as it's so cute and displays my small collection of brushes. It's so much nicer then keeping them in a draw.

Finally is my new sewing box. It's adorable with all the imagery and words written on it. I'm getting into more home stuff lately perhaps I should just get my own place (not happing for a while). I use it to store my sewing kit at home. I actually need a separate sewing kit for uni and home.
So those are some of the perks in my uni room. My room at uni is a lot bigger then at home. I really wanna redecorate my room at home now.
I'm not gonna lie I can't stand Sundays, I get so bored!! But I experienced the best nap I've ever had in my life so today hasn't been all bad :)
Hows your weekends been??
Katie x

Black Strappy Heels

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hello All!
It's May already crazy stuff! Apologies for lack of posts, finding free time is proving to be difficult at the moment.
So from watching countless YouTube videos I have seen so many video's of youtubers wearing black strappy heels and have fallen in love with them. I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair and finally caved and bought some from New Look

I chose to go for a block heel as I'm not the best at walking in heels. I don't think I can wear these on a casual day. I do however love the whole jeans and strappy heels combination. I'm kind of channelling my inner Claire Marshall (love her videos check her out!!). These were £19.99 I believe which isn't bad!
I now need to prep my feet for summer so they look decent in these as a lot of foot is exposed. I need a night out soon to test them out. I know my feet will hurt as I have weak feet haha :)
Do you have any black strappy heels you recommend and what do you wear them with??
Thanks for reading!
Katie x