An Eyeliner and Red Lippy that I love

Friday, 30 May 2014

Lately I've gone into Superdrug and Boots and picked up a few new things as I felt like I needed to change up a few things. Particularly, I wanted some new make up bits as I haven't really splurged on any lately.
Now I'm not someone who experiments with lip colours as lipstick and lip products in general have only really come into my life in the last yea. I'm usually all about the nudes or quite subtle pinks. I've tried brighter colours in the past but I just can't get use to them. I've wanted to try out the classic red lippy as I've seen girls that have pale skin and dark hair like moi, rock a red lip.  I think I've finally found one I'm happy with yay!
It's by Maybelline  from the their colour sensational range and It's in the shade Hollywood Red. It's not a bright in your face red and has a very subtle colour to it. I think maybe that's why I'm enjoying it as It's kinda a slow way of pushing me towards trying more colours. It doesn't have much staying power but that's probably due to me not knowing how to put lipstick on properly 


The other product I have been loving recently is a new liquid eyeliner I picked up. It's The Super Liner in Black Lacquer from L'Oreal and It's sooooo good! The black is actually black and it stays on for ages! Plus the brush is easy to use as I struggle getting a smooth line. I've been wearing eyeliner everyday for the past two weeks due to buying this and now I feel Naked with out it.
Think I'm finally establishing a new look I'm happy with
I feel like it's time to experiment a bit more with my make up
I need nights to go out so I can get myself a vampy red lipstick now (calm it down)
Any red lipsticks you recommend??
Katie x

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