Saturday shopping fail

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I am so thankful it is a bank holiday weekend. This week has been one of the hardest and most challenging I've faced in a long time. I won't go too much into it but feeling a little sad and sorry for myself today aha!
I needed to go shopping to buy a few bits for a costume I'm making and also for my summer ball coming up in I think 4 weeks! So close to finishing second year I can't wait

I had a major fail today. I had a little bit of money so thought I would indulge in a bit of retail therapy to cheer me up. However I did not buy one single item of clothing... what is wrong with me!! I mean I liked things but nothing stood out to me eurgh. I may do a cheeky Asos order

Currently sat here watching BBC Radio 1's big weekend, man I wish I was there!! Glasgow looks like they know how to have fun aha. I actually went to the big weekend back in 2012 when it was in Hackney spent 3 hours on my laptop trying to get tickets!!

I'm not going to any festivals this year :( I think I'm gonna have to get a day ticket aha

Hope your having a good weekend


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