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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

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Right so I'm in the process of editing a video for this but though I would write a blog about it to. Lately I've been trying to get into a good skin care routine as I'm soooo lazy when it comes to it. I just usually use my face wash and that's it. Bad right??
The thing is I know nothing about all the various types of skin care products out there so I think that may be perhaps why I'm not particularly good at it!
Now you'll probably be like why the hell would I take advice from her haha I wouldn't blame you :P

However I just wanted to do this to just show you products that I have taken a shining to and maybe show a product that may interest you to try it out.

Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae is a favourite of mine :)

Nip+Fab Body Butter Pistachio Sundae 200ml

*I love this stuff. I'm not the biggest fan of applying moisturisers as the usual ones take ages to dry and I'm a tad impatient. However I saw this in Boots and I just had to try it out. Now I think this is a love or hate product due to the smell of it. Personally I love the smell but some people I can imagine get quite sick of it. I wouldn't say its pistachio scented. The fragrance lingers on your skin, it's not too thick and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth!

 Witch Naturally Clear Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

 I did get this product because it was by the brand Witch and I have an obsession with witches (pathetic I know) but things like that get me excited. It was also relatively cheap so thought I'd give it a go! and I'm so happy I did.  This is the most refreshing face wash I've tried out and best of all doesn't dry out my skin like so many have in the past. I love the fact it's made from witch hazel as it seems to work wonders for my face and the natural ingredients just makes the product shine even more to me.

I love this brand! the multi-active toner is just incredible. It's so refreshing spraying this all over my face and yeah I want it in a bigger size. The downside is the cost however its a well established brand so pretty sure it's worth the hype.

 Like stated above,  an amazing face wash which kept my skin really clear and very soft. A little bit of this product goes a long way and the gel didn't irritate my skin which is a bonus! The smell is quite clinical in my opinion however I prefer that to a fruit smell which I've experienced in the past and dislike!

Nivea Soft Lotion Tube

this product is definitely a favourite due to my mum's influence. Nivea is always around my house as it's her favourite brand and it's one of mine too. Their products are affordable and are so moisturising it's incredible. I use this product every morning before I put my make up on and it instantly helps my foundation glide on to my face. It's a must have for me!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Maasage Cream for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an absolute bitch , well for me they are. However I gotta put up with em so why not try to reduce the look of them. I love the scent of cocoa butter so was intrigued by this. It has helped reduce the appearance and I definitely want to repurchase. I just got to remember to apply it everyday as I am very forgetful..

The video should be up soon, check out my Youtube if you wanna have a look or just check it out anyway. If you have any suggestions for good skincare products then let me know. I wanna try out some new stuff
Thanks for reading!

Katie x

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