How I spent my Valentine's

Friday, 14 February 2014

So it's drawing towards the end of valentine's day and I guess it's a strange day really. I've personally never had a reason to celebrate it as I've never had a valentine
I guess it's not really a holiday I've ever really connected with.
I feel like couples should show one another how much they care about each other spontaneously rather then focusing it all on just on this one specific day.  Although not gonna lie if someone treated me on this day I probably wouldn't moan aha!
So to all of you couples out there I hope your having a very special night! and to all the single people out there, don't worry about it enjoy the freedom that's what I tell myself haha :)
Tonight has consisted of me eating a meal for one, drinking wine and watching movies on my own and I'm having a whale of a time :) hehe

Go on treat yourself!!
 I will leave you with this cute picture!! All I need in my life is this aha
Katie  x

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