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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Apologies on lack of blog posts, I suck at this!! Things at uni have got intense and I mean intense. Plus I've been so ill the last few days, nasty flu bug going round :( sad times. I'm feeling better now though
I got a drama university that puts on productions, it's pretty cool if you ask me!
A couple of weeks ago I started my first role on show as a costume assistant (that's the role your given in second year). I'm working on a musical show called Into The Woods, it's about all of the fairy tale characters wanting various things. It has a dark twist to it, I personally love the story. We had a meeting seeing all of the costume designs and then chose which costume we wanted to make.
I chose to make a check shirt for the character Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk). Never having really done men's wear before I thought it would be a great learning experience and a shirt is challenging to make as theirs many different components, Rambling Katie...

So since starting I've found the fabric, created a pattern, made a toile of the shirt out of Calico and had my first fitting with the actor I'm making for. Here are some pictures from the fitting :)

Front View

As the designer wanted the shirt to be loose, I had to take the centre front out slightly so there was a little more room. I also had to re pin the neckline as the original one didn't sit right

The sleeve had to be repined, looking at the reference images of shirts I collected I realised that shirt sleeves sit lower than other garments.

The back looked pretty decent, I had to adjust the length of the shirt as it was way too long
Close up of the back

Things seem to be going relatively well at the moment and a shirt is emerging. I'm freaking out already but in a good way. It's already been an interesting experience and I'm excited for the whole process to develop more.

Thanks for reading

Katie x

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