Being a Tourist

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Check out this cottage, looks so cute! It was randomly in the middle of St James Park
Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Topshop Joni
Bag- New Look
Shoes- H&M
*can't remember where my sunglasses are from apologies!
I've always lived just outside London, can hop on a train and I'll be within London in around 20 minutes. That's the case for both my university house and home home ha!. I've never actually done the typical tourist thing and visited sites around London.
What was so great about that day was that it was completely spontaneous!  My friend Caroline and I decided to head to Oxford Street as we wanted to pick up something to wear in case there was a party after finishing show roles. We headed to Topshop and a couple of other places but I think we lost interest pretty quickly as it was so hot and we weren't very successful. Although she did pick up a pair of Mom Jeans from H&M which are freaking amazing!
We suddenly decided to just go for a walk as it was such a beautiful day out :) I said why not go down this random street and see where we end up. We walked past many designer shops (one day I will go in and buy something). She took me to the Buckingham Palace which was amazing to see in person, Her  majesty was in as the flag was up haha. We then walked through the most beautiful park ever (St James' Park) I could have stayed there for ages!. Then we walked on the Embankment and got some insanely good ice cream and managed to end up back at the South Bank what are the odds!
I completely mucked up with my outfit choice, jeans was such a bad mistake for a  hot day. However the shirt was a dream as it always caught the breeze! I bought the shirt from Primark last year for Reading Festival and  just love it! Comfy shoes were a must too and my H&M trainer shoes didn't let me down
I've seen new areas of London lately and I'm loving it. There's so much more of it too explore! Maybe I should write a list or something
Hope your having a nice chilled Sunday
Katie x

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