Summer 2014 Week 1

Sunday, 29 June 2014

loving my new skirt from Asos (got a bit of an obsession with elephants at the moment)

ENTER SHIKARI :D (I really need a better phone)

Hello all!
First off the pictures shown are from my Instagram over the last week :)
I feel like as I have such a hectic schedule majority of the time when at uni I want to post as much as I can on here. I thought it'd be a good idea to round up my weeks and go through what I've done. Unless of course I have done absolutely nothing in which case that could be boring aha!

For my first week of my summer break I have been mainly catching up on sleep, watching Jeremy Kyle and enjoying not having to think too much! I need to start preparing for third year. First thing I must do is get a decent diary and write in it!
The first day I got back I went for a walk with my best friend Charlotte, catching up and asking about her holiday she went on (lucky). We live right by a canal so it's always a nice walk with pretty scenery. Got a bit worried  walking past a group of guys fishing as they stopped and just stared at us haha. 

I've also helped my mum and dad look for a new car. We went to a place in London that had soo many cars in it! I can't wait to get my first car, I've passed my test but haven't driven really since so my confidence has completely gone :( I really liked the outfit I wore (seen above). It was one of those moments where I said to myself Katie you look quite fashionable today ha!

Thursday was a hectic day for me. I went back to my uni house and emptied out my room. I didn't realise how much stuff I actually own. I seem to have collected quite a selection of clothes (have no idea how that happened...). Managed to fit it all in one car trip. I'm staying in the same room but had to move all my stuff out so it can be cleaned.
As soon as got back I got ready and headed out to a gig :) Yep I saw Enter Shikari yet again. Funny story is that I won a pair of tickets!! I never win anything and it was such a pleasant surprise! As always it was amazing, it was my 7th time seeing them. I love the atmosphere of their shows as people just talk to you and although it gets quite rough in terms of pushing it's really fun. I'm not a person that gets involved in mosh pits let's get that clear aha.

Yeah that's been my first week of summer

Katie x

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