The Michael Kors Watch

Sunday, 17 May 2015

This is probably the most expensive thing I own, so its very precious to me. I was kindly gifted this baby blue Michael Kors MK6138 Parker watch for my 21st birthday by my mum and dad. I know that your 21st is supposed to be a special birthday but I really struggled with what I wanted to get. I felt guilty whatever I asked for because I don't feel like I deserve a big amount of money to be spent on me. Before receiving this I never wore a watch, maybe briefly when I was a teenager but it was years ago! But I now wear this watch every single day and feel weird if I don't.  I definitely prefer silver tones to gold so I felt this watch suited me perfectly. I love the baby blue shade and the subtle detailing on it. It's quite 'blingy' for me but very girl likes a bit of sparkle right... Not going to lie  ability to read a clock face has been tested. We're all so reliant on our phones that I think majority of us are used to digital clocks, I am so guilty of this.

A rather short post from me today. I'm currently having a chilled Sunday, very rare nowadays. Have had a rather exciting weekend which I will explain more hopefully some point this week.

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  1. WOW, that looks amazing! I've been longing for a Micheal Kors watch for a couple of years now. I love this shade of blue xx

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