My First Pay Day Treats

Friday, 4 September 2015


So I experienced my first payday a couple of weeks ago and it was a glorious feeling. I feel like I should really be saving at the moment but I just felt like I wanted to experience treating myself with money I'd earned.
I can finally start celebrating the fact Autumn is well on it's way which means one thing, my favourite time of the year is fast approaching (Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas). And of course its going to be coat weather soon, hell to the yeah. New Look are always on point lets be honest but I've found some real gems lately. So I just had to share two items I've got recently.
A camel trench coat is something I have wanted for months. I was randomly people watching whilst waiting for a train c'mon we all do it. Going off topic I saw a girl walk past wearing a trench coat and I just instantly wanted one. Camel isn't a colour I wear a lot but it's something I want to embrace more. I feel like it's a classic piece that will make me look like I've put more effort into throwing together my usual attire of a t-shirt and jeans. I will have to do an outfit post with this soon.
Black shoes, like I don't have enough in my wardrobe. I don't buy heels too often as quite frankly I don't go out anywhere... the most boring 21 year old right. But I saw these shoes on the website with vampy in the title. Now if I could pick any word to describe myself in a perfect world vampy would be it even thought that's not true. But just look how pretty they are man! Peep toe, leather look, chunky heel everything I want. I cannot wait to wear these to my graduation!

September is here, the leaves will start falling. Whilst everyone has the summer blues I'm hopefully going to start to get a little happier.

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