Going on a Clean & Clear Frenzy

Monday, 28 September 2015

My skin at the moment is well to put it nicely not happy at all. I've needed to up my skincare as I want a bit of life back in my face. So whilst going on the dreaded food shop with the mother I came across a load of clean and clear products. I've been using the dual action moisturiser for quite a while as my daily moisturiser for my face and I absolutely love it.
I picked up three more products and thought I would give them ago. Firstly I was running out of a face wash so I chose the deep action cream wash as it described as cleaning down to the pores for really clear skin., something which I'm wanting so bad. I really like the creamy texture of this face wash and it feels really fresh on my skin. It always tingles slightly but not in a bad way, I guess it just awakens me. So far I really like it. The deep cleansing lotion I thought would be good to use particularly just before going to bed as my skin never feels fully clear at night. I literally put this on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. I'm trying to remember doing it every night as this all new for me but yeah I like how it feels on my skin. Also its for sensitive skin so doesn't irritate it at all. The final product I got was the advantage spot control treatment gel as I've been breaking out a lot on my chin lately. Hoping this will work some wonders on my face.

I'm obviously becoming a bit of a fan of Clean & Clear at the moment. I'm enjoying using new products, just hope my skin enjoys it too!

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