Its Been A While...

Sunday, 25 October 2015

I'm the girl who absolutely loves Halloween yet of course has not done one single Halloween related post or post in October for that matter. Things have been dare I say a bit wild over the last few weeks. I've started volunteering with a costume company in London, so I've been balancing that along with work and taking on freelance costume work, argh!
This October has really not been eventful in terms of fun things to do to get me in the spirit for Halloween. I can't quite believe my favourite day is less than a week away. Am I doing anything for it?? Currently sod all :(

The other day I decided to go for a walk with my dad as I said I wanted to take some photo's for my blog as I miss posting! What better way to experience Autumn with a bit of the outdoors. Plus I really don't go outside enough, I've decided I need to start taking up walking its just so good to escape home sometimes.

Playsuit- Asos
Cardigan- New Look
Boots- Primark
I wore my new playsuit from Asos as the colours are perfect for Autumn. I only wish I got some more shots of my outfit but trying to explain what I want in the photo's my dad takes is hard. He really doesn't understand the concept of outfit posts, but I'm so grateful that he at least took these photos. I'm trying to branch out of wearing just jeans and band t-shirts all of the time. This is quite smart for a piece I can wear every day. And it's a kimono style so is perfect for covering the tops of my arms, result! My favourite Primark boots= bad idea to walk through the mud in. Seriously what was I actually thinking. 


 Finally a post that has got a little bit of an Autumnal feeling. Needed to showcase my love for my favourite season somehow.
And yeah there's not really a reason why I haven't posted except I haven't had a lot of time lately. So yeah work work work woop. Oh and well I guess I could quickly mention what I've somehow ended up in a relationship, I know me. I guess miracles can happen sometime eh :)

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