An Instagram Update

Monday, 2 November 2015


Instagram pretty much shows my life so thought I'd share with you some of the snaps taken during October :)
1. Check out my pumpkin carving skills... Yeah not that great eh. I always leave it till the day of Halloween and I of course did this again. Fyi a couple of parents of trick or treaters said my pumpkin design was their favourite, just saying.
2. Best film ever was watched multiple times, if you haven't seen it. No I just can't... The boyfriend hasn't seen it before this will be changed soon!
3. Last Friday consisted of Camden, alcoholic beverages and seeing Nothing But Thieves. I urge you if you're looking for an album to buy, please buy theirs its so damn good! My 4th time seeing them this year and I just can't explain the love I have for their music.
4. I bought a new fedora from Asos, it's even bigger and I love it!
5. The selfie where I look like the female version of James Bay
6 & 7. Costumes I've been working on from a voluntary project I'm currently involved with. They are actual originals from the 18th and 19th century. Simply beautiful
8.Always catching trains to London, lately have been experiencing the early morning rush hour. It's um not fun. I actually nearly fell asleep standing up on a train last week...

I miss writing on here, I really do! But do you ever feel like you've just hit a brick wall and literally have no idea which direction you want take something in next?? Yeah that's how I feel currently. I have all these amazing ideas of what I want to do on here but need to be realistic in how I can achieve them.

Hope everyone had an amazing October and Halloween!! :)

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  1. Why have I never watched Hocus Pocus before?! May have to watch it tonight.. Love your fedora!

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