Fall/Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Recently I came across The Black Tux, a tuxedo rental company, and decided to come up with some inspiration for an Autumn/Fall wedding.

Being my favourite season by far I jumped at the chance as if I were to get married I would want it to be around this time so I felt it'd be interesting to see which direction I would take it. I'm a long way off from getting married but it's fun to think about it and what I would like. Come on girls we all think about it a little bit...

I think my choices are kind of obvious but the leaves really are the main inspiration for this beautiful time period.  I picture a very rustic and warm feel to it, even with the terrible weather we experience in England. Plus I live with a very busy lifestyle of travelling to London a lot so I think it would be nice to escape to a more chilled rustic atmosphere for the day then the suburban hell we face most days.

I had to start with what the bride and groom would wear as it's the main focal point. I don't know what it is about a navy suit but I just fall in love with them constantly. I picked the Holden Outfit from Black Tux as I think it just looks very polished with the hint of edginess I love. The rich navy with black accents and crisp white shirt. Match made in heaven! The perfect thing about this is you can rent the whole outfit from Black Tux including the details like the shoes and cufflinks you literally don't have to worry about buying the extras.
Now for the bride immediately I thought about lace and sleeves. They're are both things I've always envisioned myself wearing but for Autumn particularly in England I just think you need a sleeve for practicality as it will be freezing. It also fits with the gothic Victorian lace trend that being seen in many high street stores. This dress is just gorgeous!

Burgundy, Oxblood, Berry whatever you want to call it seems to be everywhere and in particular featured a lot this year. Therefore it was the obvious colour scheme choice for me as I am lusting after anything in this shade currently. It's such a rich and sophisticated colour and just adds that vampy edge to everything. They are all traits I like to portray in my style choices and I would definitely want them shown on a wedding day. Plus I think it is a shade that suits all skin tones so would be perfect for bridesmaids. I think the key with this colour is to keep everything else pretty simple seen with floral arrangements this colour is the focal point keep everything else neutral like with the boquet above.

Check out the Black Tux website here

All images sourced from Pinterest unless stated otherwise

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