The Christmas Jumper

Friday, 12 December 2014

 If you haven't seen Christmas jumpers around then I don't know where you've been hiding. They are literally everywhere. Today is Christmas Jumper day here in the UK. It's a fun way to get festive whilst staying warm. Both extremely important things to me! :)
There are so many Christmas jumpers to choose from that it's quite hard to select. I'm very particular about the jumpers I like. It's one of those cases where I know when I see it if it's right for me. However I actually have to thank my lovely mother for this jumper. She saw it in Asda and thought I would like it. Think she's aware I have a thing for navy blue right now. It's a really sweet cosy jumper that features a gingerbread man and woman (is that what a female version of a gingerbread man called??). It has a bell on it which jingles every time I move. It also has a red snowflake pattern around the neck and sleeves. It's tacky but not in an obvious way. Not that I'm knocking a tacky jumper, I love em. I love the colours and I just think it's really really cute. I am definitely someone who wears a Christmas jumper on Christmas day. I would love to get dressed up but I never do.
Yep I am wearing my pyjama bottoms in the photo's. I just want to be comfy right now. I went into uni this morning for a whole hour just to pick up a few things and prepare the mountain of work I have to do over my Christmas break. I am now packing up my things getting ready to go home. The end of this term felt like it's gone so slowly. I only wish I was going home today but I have work till half 6 tomorrow night so have to wait till then. Work problems eh.

What stores are you guys loving for Christmas Jumpers??

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