The Heels for Party Season

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


It's officially December which means Christmas is only around the corner. Am I the only one questioning where has this year gone?? Christmas no doubt is known as party season meaning everyone gets a bit more glammed up and adds a bit more sparkle to their lives than usual. I love a bit of sparkle all year round but December is the time to fully embrace glitter, embellishment and full on glam. The fact is I'm not a major party goer purely cause there is not time for me to go out. Plus the area which I live in at University is terrible in terms of a social life. No clubs or anything like that. So I'm hoping during my Christmas break when I get to go home I'll be hitting the town a little bit. Katie needs some form of social life I'm 20 for crying out loud. Seriously I'm so bored of not going out I need to dare I say it 'let my hair down'.
   Not only do I want to go out to experience what it's like to be young still (I'm such a old woman at heart) I also want to show off a pair of new heels I have somehow managed to get from New Look. I swear my finger did not mean to click the buy button :/, I couldn't leave them though they are far too beautiful. It was one of those cases where every time I would go into New Look I picked them up held them for a bit and painfully put them back. I love a bit of embellishment and beads in particular I appreciate. It's actually the main theme of my third year project. When I saw these shoes I immediately thought Great Gatsby and the 1920's. What a decade that was!! They are these beautiful black block heel strappy sandals with beads covering the entire heel. I just cannot stop looking at them. I only really buy heels from New Look as they seem to suit my feet and comfort needs perfectly. I know these come in silver and pink as well but I just had to go with the black. These will instantly jazz up any outfit. I'm thinking they'll go perfectly with a LBD.
   I'm starting to feel very festive now. We did Secret Santa in my class. Not gonna lie I'm pretty proud of the present I got. I mean I made my friend smile when she opened it. As cliché as it sounds that's the best reaction I could have asked for. We went to Toby Carvery for dinner and I was so stuffed. The Christmas tunes are in full swing and Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is on repeat right now. I don't even have an advent calendar what is life.
I really want to see what Christmasy things are on in London and explore them. Hoping to crack out some more festive blog posts over the next few weeks.


  1. Super cute shoes :)

    Xx Enja

  2. So glad you caved! Those babies are gorgeous!!!


  3. I love these shoes, perfect for party season! <3

    I have a new outfit post on my blog, would love to know your thoughts;