My Week- A bit of indulgence

Sunday, 30 November 2014


 Happy Sunday everyone! We've come to the end of November how crazy. That means Christmas is fast approaching. I felt like I wanted to do a bit of a catch up post. On majority my weeks been pretty decent. So I thought I'd share some photo's I've taken.
I obviously shared what I did Monday in a previous post so check that out here (nice plug Katie :P). I've been settling back into my uni routine, so not much work has been done.
We had to swap rooms (so annoying) so we decided to get into the Christmas mood early. My friend Amber bought in a Christmas tree along with some rather fetching/tacky Christmas decorations I love them!. I just had to get involved and decorate it. Oh and our angel on top is a doll of Marvin from JLS dressed up. I don't know how but he's become our class mascot. It's also had approval from the man himself. I basically tweeted it and he replied, life made haha.  
I liked an outfit I wore this week so of course excuse to Instagram it. I'm loving pairing band t-shirts with smart trousers lately. It's a duo that are so opposite to each other that it works really well in my opinion. My t-shirt of course is the Ramones. I collect them and this is of course the classic design.
Friday was so much fun! I went on a road trip out of Sidcup to Slough to visit my friend's house and pick up the Playmobil she's selling. Her house is so quirky. We went to a pub called the Pineapple which was adorable. And the food oh my. You can't beat a bit of pub grub. They specialise in sandwiches, there were so many to choose from. I went for a Christmas dinner baguette with chips, heaven. They then took me to IKEA for the first time ever. It is amazing!! I now want to move out and buy my own flat.
Yesterday was a tough day at work. Working in Primark with lots of people off sick near Christmas is bloody hard but I got through it. Hence why the wine and cheesecake was needed. I watched the end of Survivor Series (wrestling aha) and then literally conked out. Today I took a walk down the high street but mainly has consisted of me watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special sitting in bed seeing if there are any more Black Friday deals I can use for presents. This whole Black Friday thing is mental, shopping should never get violent!

For once I've had a pretty exciting week haha. Hope your all having a nice lazy day!


  1. Everything looks great! And I really like the look of band shirts and smart trousers as you described, it's awesome :)

  2. So jealous you've been to The Pineapple!!!