Twin Atlantic at the Roundhouse 03.05.14

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I love going to a gig. There are many reasons that makes me crave them. My love for music and seeing it live. The atmosphere and feeling of unity in a room. The conversations that happen with random people. Visiting new venues. I'd say the main thing is that I get lost when I'm seeing music, it's a time where I don't have to worry about my daily stresses and I guess 'let my hair down'.
  I can't remember the last time I haven't had something on my mind lately. Whether it's university, starting a new job or trying to juggle my work my brain is constantly thinking about something.  Guess that's contributing to the lack of sleep I seem to be experiencing lately :( eurgh. I haven't gone to many gigs this year purely because I can't afford them. Although the bands I tend to see majority of the time don't sell tickets for extortionate prices it does add up. This term I've gone crazy and booked three gigs (shhh don't tell the parents). So I have been looking forward to this gig for sooo long as it's a chance for me to actually have a night off plus see one if my favourite bands.
   The Roundhouse as a venue I think is pretty damn cool. It's such a beautiful place that I guarantee if you ever get to go and see something there you will instantly look up and just look around. I've seen a play their by Robert Le Page for my uni course, weirdest play I've seen in my life. Also I saw Enter Shikari their back in 2012 too, aw good times! I think it's a building that has a lot of character and it being in Camden makes it even more appealing. That place is always fun to venture to. I'm one of these people that if I like a band I'll see them again and again and again. If I like their music then of course I want to see them play it live. This is my fifth time seeing Twin Atlantic and they never do disappoint. By far the best time I've seen them.
Oh yeah forgot to say I went with my friend from uni Sade, I've made her into a Twin Atlantic fan. We started off by popping to Starbucks , shocker. We went a bit crazy as we wanted to warm up yet ended up getting cold drinks. Yeah cause that make sense. It's got so cold right now, I'm enjoying it though. We sat had a bit of a chat as I attempted to look at the settings on my camera. We then joined the queue and didn't have to wait that long.
 The support acts I really enjoyed. There were two called The Xcerts and Nothing But Thieves. Both bands seemed to really get the crowd going and there songs were really enjoyable to listen to. I personally really enjoyed Nothing But Thieves, I really want to see them again. I've actually just this minute downloaded one of their songs so I must like them aha.
  Course Twin Atlantic were epic and the nice thing was they were so excited to be up there. You could tell by their faces how amazed they were when everyone sung back their lyrics. I wish I could experience what that feeling was like. This band has made me have a full appreciation for the Scottish accent haha. They played a mixture of their new album and some old classics. I Am An Animal, Brothers and Sisters and Ghost of Eddie were all played which made me so happy. And they did an acoustic set of Crash Land, literally everyone sang back, had the lights on their phones in the air. It gave me shivers it was soooo good! I of course like I do at most gigs sung/shouted back the lyrics in my tone deaf way, bounced like a maniac as I physically cannot jump for long periods of time and stuck my arm in the air way to often.

I so needed that night out. I can only thank Twin Atlantic for making my night so enjoyable. I'll now be listening to them for weeks. Seeing your favourite band and discovering a new band you like, double win.

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