My Perfect Green Nail Varnish and a Prewarning

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I don't know why lately but I have been on the hunt for an emerald green nail varnish. It could be my excitement for Christmas building. I'm planning to start early this year. I just wanted a rich green that didn't have any sparkle. I think I've found it. It's from Collection and it's in the shade Poison Ivy. I can't ake credit for finding it as my friend has been looking for the same and found this gem. It's a beautiful rich dark green that reminds of a Christmas tree. The brush is really thick so makes it very easy to apply. Although I'm very messy when doing my nails as you can see in the first picture. It's also supposedly a lasting gel formula, its started chipping after a few days but I really really like it. For the price I would definitely recommend this shade. It's such a beautiful colour and I'm so excited to have finally found the right green.

Who would have thought I'm already speaking of Christmas. I'm so excited this year. I want to celebrate it as much as possible as I've got a feeling I'll be working majority of Christmas boo!

So I just want to pre warn that posts may be a little lacking in the next week or so. I'm currently on placement/ work experience as part of my university course. I don't think I can share too much information. But I'm working  for a huge costume company in the alterations department and I'm kind of loving it right now. Some of the productions they've worked on is far too exciting! Granted I've only done three days so far so don't want to get ahead of myself. But so far I've really enjoyed it.  The alterations I've been given are bloody challenging but I think it's doing me good. My speed as always is poor but I'd rather execute it well then give in something that's bad quality. It's tiring, I guess catching the train and rushing in the morning is taking it's toll. I'm pretty much tired all the time at the moment. Have to head back to my uni house Friday night for work on Saturday (effort).

Hope your all having a great week.

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